"I happened to catch sight of a silvery, graceful creation, perhaps half a mile away. A ship! As with the bodies, I saw the inside and outside of the ship all in one picture. I could see distorted individuals inside, going about their duties. But even mind-numb and gaping at a confused nightmare vision, I knew what sort of creatures they were. Andalites. It was an Andalite ship!"
Ax upon noticing the Ascalin[src]

The Ascalin was an Andalite assault ship that pulled the Animorphs into Z-space while it was on its way to the Leeran homeworld, Leera. It was destroyed when its captain, Samilin-Corrath-Gahar was revealed to be working with the Yeerk Empire.


"This is an assault ship, which means it carries a large number of surface attack craft."
Ax to the Animorphs[src]

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