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=An Online Event with K.A Applegate
(May 1997)

part one=

Posted by: Beth F. Subject: Killing Visser Three

Good afternoon K.A. Applegate. My name is Nate. I am a third grade student at Johnson School in Davenport, Iowa. I have some questions for you. When are they going to kill Visser Three? When are they going to get Marco's mom back? Also are they going to rescue Tom?
My whole family likes your books. We have everyone up until 13 and two Andalite Chronicles. My teacher is sending this for me.
Thank you,

Posted by: K. A. Applegate Subject: Re: Killing Visser Three Date:

I guess I hope Visser Three won't have to be killed.
Maybe, despite all his evil ways, he'll see that he's
been wrong. Wouldn't that be better for everyone? Okay,
it's not going to happen, but it would be nice if it did.
Maybe he'll just get transferred to some cold, dark
moon somewhere. I don't know about Marco's Mom and Tom. I guess if the
humans win in the end, all human-Controllers will be
freed. We have to hope the humans and Andalites win. --KAA

Posted by: Jake & Mark Subject: Questions

We are 3rd grade students at South Park School in Deerfield, IL and we have some questions for you. 1. how do you come up with charcters.
2.were do you live. you have kids

Posted by: K. A. Applegate Subject: Re: Questions

I live in Minnesota, which seems much smarter in June
than it does now, with winter bearing down on us. Characters start as something I invent. That is, they
start off with a few basic personality traits. But over
time they evolve. For example, from the start I knew
that Rachel would be brave and beautiful. But over time
she developed more of a sense of humor. Then, we began to
see Rachel becoming more and more bold, maybe even
reckless. Now sometimes we wonder if all the stress
is getting to Rachel. Maybe Rachel is getting caught
up in the thrill of battle and losing sight of what she's
fighting for. So, she, like all characters, started off as a basic
sketch, and with each book became more developed,
more complicated. I know it sounds hokey, but after a
while the characters seem to be running themselves, with
me just kind of watching and going "hmmmm." --KAA

Posted by: Daniel & Jordan Subject: T.V. show

Dear K.A Applegate,
Will the Animorphs ever be on T.V.?

Posted by: K. A. Applegate Subject: Re: T.V. show

Yep, on Nick in the fall. --KAA

Posted by: animorphaholic Subject: answer these questions or I'll diss Rachel's hair

here are my questions. 1. what happens in book 15? 2.16? 3.17!?!? 4. Hork-bajir Chronicles? the rumor about the visser chronicles true? 6.if leerans are from leera, does that mean andalites are from anda, Yeeks from Yeer, Hork-Bajir from Hork-ba, and Taxxon from tax? 7. was no. 6 a stupid question? ( thought so ) lastly, I've got this idea where the animorphs discover this kid from out of state who, on the internet, spreads the word that he knows where the animorphs live. both the animorphs and the yeerks realize that they need to get to him before the other does. so, the animorphs find some way to travel, find him, and then.......... well....... it's your book, you make up the rest. P.S. use my idea or I'll STILL diss rachel's hair!!!!!!!!

Posted by: someone who cares Subject: Re: LEAVE RACHELS HAIR ALONE!!!!!

*no text*
only....Rachels hair did nothing wrong!!!!!

Posted by: K. A. Applegate Subject: Re: answer these questions or I'll diss Rachel's hair

Neither you, nor any other force, can do anything to
make Rachel's hair less than perfect. Her hair
cannot be harmed. It is super hair. 1,2,3 answered below.
4) Still working on that idea.
5) haven't decided.
6) You'd think so, wouldn't you. Makes sense.
7) Nah.
8) You know, I've done a book involving the internet. I
believe it's number 16, a Jake book. Not your plot,
but internet based. I don't think I came away totally
thrilled with that book. It was kind of a B minus, if
you know what I mean. Although there's some cool stuff
with a rhino morph. --KAA

Posted by: Dustin D Subject: where do you live

Hi, my name is Dustin DeGraffenreid. I really really love your books. I am in the 3rd grade at Ray Miller Elem. in Kirksville MO. Where do you live? I sent you a picture once of an animorph idea. I hope you got it.

Posted by: K. A. Applegate Subject: Re: where do you live

My name is Katherine. I can't tell you my last name,
or where I live. Oh, wait, yes I can. I live in Minnesota,
in the Twin Cities. --KAA

Posted by: Veronica R Subject: Stuff

1. I am "pretending" be an Andalite.
2. I just want to say...I am not worthy! I am not worthy! (bowing before greatness)
3. What's your middle name?
4. What's your REAL email address? I've tried a couple that I've heard of, but they didn't work!
5. I've read all of the chats and info I can about you, and now the pic...I think you're great!
6. I want to write Animorphs stories and stuff. Is that OK with you, or do I have to check with other people, too...?

Posted by: K. A. Applegate Subject: Re: Stuff

2) Oh, puh-leeeze. I'm just a writer. It's not like
I'm someone important like a Spice Girl.
3) Aximili. Okay, Alice.
4) I never give that out. Sorry. I suffer from Fear of
Spam. That'd be Spamophobia.
5) Thanks.
6) Sure. As long as you're not going after my job. --KAA

Posted by: Mike W Subject: hello

is there going to be a MM#3? mike

Posted by: K. A. Applegate Subject: Re: hello

Don't know yet. Probably. --KAA

Posted by: Aniperson Subject: Some questions for the great K.A

have some more questions for you the great and powerful Applegate. 1.Will Ax every comunicate to the home world? 2.Will the Ellimist come back? 3.Is Ax ever going to ride a yellow mustang? 4.Will Erek ever call Marco? 5. Will Marco ever have a date? 6. Where do they live? 7.Is Tobias ever going to find out Ax is his uncle? 8.Is another human ever going to find out about the yeerks which is not infested? 9.Are there yeerks around the whole country or only in the state or town the animorphs live in? 10.Is Marco ever going to morph Rachel? Please can Marco morph Rachel. Have a great day.

Posted by: Ann S Subject: Re: Some questions for the great K.A

Hello K.A. my name is Michael W and I am in Mrs. Sheehan's class and I have a few questions to ask you. 1.What's the next book you come out with (because I'm getting tired of reading the the other ones)? 2.Will you make a new character in your new book? 3.My last question is...Have you realy written over 30 Animorphs books because I hope you write a whole lot more? That's all my questions
give me the answers soon.

Posted by: Bill L Subject: Thank You!!!!!!!

Dear K.A. If I sounded rude in my 1st message, I'm sorry. Thank you very much for answering my questions:)!!!!!!!
Also I'd like to say, I love your books!!!!!!!!!!!! I would like to know all that you can tell me about the future books, if possible. 1 of the 6 trillion #1 fans,
P.S. How come in book #1 Jake can use thought speak while human?

Posted by: K. A. Applegate Subject: Re: Thank You!!!!!!!

The thing in book #1 is what we in the famous author
biz refer to by the highly technical term of "screw up." --KAA

Posted by: PJ Subject: could I?????

HI, K.A.!

Posted by: K. A. Applegate Subject: Re: could I?????

You're right, I haven't thought about the parent's names. As for the TV show I have zero involvement with that. Characters start off as a sort of rough sketch: a few
descriptive phrases, some vague notions of who they
might be, what role they will play within the group.
Then, over time, they evolve as the relationships between
characters become clearer. Real people are formed by their genes, and by their
environment, their experience. You could say that I
start off knowing the genetic make-up of the characters
but only gradually see the effects of environment. --KAA

Posted by: Aniboy Subject: K.A.(beautiful,nice,smart)Please Reply!

Thank you for replying to my Last question. My homepage Isn't really that good...but could you like have one day out of a month that if kids wanted to ask questions we could. So a person would e-mail me a question and I could send it to you. We could work out somethin' PLEASE? P.S. I would E-mail you constantly or give it out to any one Scouts honor!

Posted by: Sean L Subject: YOU RULE K. A.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!= !!!!!!

Dear K.A. Applegate Hi,this such a pleasure for speaking to you(well not speaking but you know)!My name is Sean Li,I'm in 5th grade.I have every one of your books andI think they're great!!never stop writing them or I will never R.I.P.(Rest In Peace)!!!!!I'm serious!,well,sort of.I have a suggestion,could you do a book about a great big huge war that lasts five books in which one of the Animorphs comes so close to dying?I'd greatly appreesheate that! Your #1 fan(really!),

Posted by: K. A. Applegate Subject: Re: YOU RULE K. A.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am starting right now on book #20 which will be
a three-book story. Not a war, though. A five-book
story is hard to do because it's very hard to think
of plots big enough to cover that much ground. I'm
afraid three books is probably my limit. --KAA

Posted by: Mike S Subject: Please read and reply, (if you have time)

.I really enjoy your books. Especially the Andalite Chronicles. When I finished the Alien Dies, I had a tear in my eye. I figured if you could touch people with The Andalite Chronicles, then maybe you could do the same by writing more Alien chronicles. Here are some of my ideas.
And I have one question too. Do you plan to have Tobias morph anything new in the future?
There have been the Andalite chronicles.
They told about a particular andalite vs. yeerk fight and the life story of a war prince who's bravery brought him far, and whom gave the humans the power to revolt against the alien invasion. There will be hork-bajir chronicles, or so I have heard.
They will probabaly describe the agony and destruction and invasion and war of their home world. And the arrival of the Andalites, along with the mistake of Alloran-Semitul. How about Yeerk Chronicles? An early visser could narrate it. It could tell about Seerow's kindness. and tell more about the council of 13, and how the yeerks are elected to it, and what host bodies are the Council of Thirteen in. Or Taxxon chronicles. Not much stuff to go there. Maybe about them becoming Yeerk allies and be narrated by a mountain taxxon. Tell why they refused to give in to the Yeerk Empire. And tell a little bit more about the Living Hive thing. Or be narrated by Arbron, and tell about his Taxxon ambush. Or (I know this is stupid) the Skrit Na chronicles. Tell why they are the way they are, tell about their special zoos on their home world, how they evolved into the two races, and why they are always coming back to Earth. (They are the most frequently seen aliens, right?) Or Gedd chronicles. A species we Anifans no little about. Tell about how they were enslaved. And maybe tell why the yeerks enslaved them first. I mean, (I've thought about this a lot) did they once live side by side on the Yeerk Homeworld? I guess that's stupid because they had no space travel technology before Seerow's Mistake and (not really) kindness. Or if there are any free ones left. Which I very much doubt because of the fact of how helpless they are with their strange, Quasi modo like hunches and webb feet, unlike the Hork-Bajir. Or (drumroll) the Elimist chronicles
Tell about how they came to be, (that's a toughy) the time matrix's creation, their "evil" enemies, and their playing with fate games. And why. And the true answer to why they offered to help the Animorphs escape from Earth. Or Human Chronicles?
Give a whole book about what could happen if the Animorphs don't save Earth. (If you have ever read the book Hatchet by Gary Paulsen and the read his other book Brian's Winter, you'll know about the what if kind of story.) Be narrated by free humans, who live in secret, like the mountain taxxons. And tell about how they live in secret and how they escaped from the yeerks and the fear they experience.

Posted by: K. A. Applegate Subject: Re: Please read and reply, (if you have time)

Well, there is some thought of a Visser Chronicles.
I haven't decided whether to do it or not. To me the
big question is: do I have a good enough story and a
way to tell it? If I decide the answer is yes, I guess
I'll do it. But I don't want to start writing weak
books. It's my responsibility as an author not to
start churning out lame books, even if readers say
they want to see a particular idea. So let me see if
I get to a point where i think I have enough of a story.
Then I'll see about additional Chronicles books. --KAA

Posted by: The Ellimist Subject: Re: Please read and reply, (if you have time)

Those are good ideas! I especially like the idea of Gedd and Ellimist chronicles! (The Ellimist is my fave character!) The Ellimist

Posted by: The Ellimist Subject: Re: Re: Please read and reply, (if you have time)

I think that you should do more chronicles books. They are full with all sorts of different words in intergalactic languages! I have memorized all of the Andalite words in #8, The Alien (shorm, nothlit, aristh, and estreen) and all of the Hork-Bajir words in #13, The Change (darkap, fellana, Hruthin, kawatnoj, the hork-bajir trees: Kanver, Lewhawk, and the Fit Fit. I'm probably forgetting a few.) I love the books! Especially irrelevant info no one else knows so that I can quiz people in chatrooms and they have no clue what the answers are!!!!! We luv you!
The Ellimist

Posted by: Monique W Subject: Thanks for the opportunity

Dear K.A. Applegate, Last year my students entered the Animorphs Morph into Reading Contest sponsored by Scholastic. Two of my students were runners-up, and one of my students, Chris, was the Grand Prize winner.
I wanted to let you know how excited these students were about the results of the contest. It could have been Christmas morning when the students received their prize boxes. The personalized messages that you sent to Chris were very special to him. I wanted to personally thank you for contributing to the growth of these students. You'll never know how special you made them feel. Sincerely,

Posted by: K. A. Applegate Subject: Re: Thanks for the opportunity

Thanks for your post. It is certainly I, rather than your students, who should
feel honored. They pay me a great compliment by reading
Animorphs. I hope I will never let them down. --KAA

Posted by: Eric P Subject: Please KAA???

K.A., Could you please visit my website and leave a message and or sign the guestbook? It is my dream to
have you sign my guestbook. I mean, how many people can get the best author to sign their little guestbook. If
your too busy writing the Animorphs, then you don't have to visit.
And could you leave a list of all the upcoming books(You don't have to if you don't want.) My e-mail is

Posted by: K. A. Applegate Subject: Re: Please KAA???

I will definitely visit your web site, and thanks so
much for having it. But I can't sign in because I don't
want to give out my e-mail address. Sorry. It's very cool that kids like you have gone to the
trouble of making Animorphs web sites. I feel very
honored by it. --KAA

Posted by: Collin H Subject: Animorph Movies

Have you ever thought of making Animorph movies or a series like Goosebumps (FOX),Baby-sitters club (Disney Channel) ,and The Magic School Bus (YTV). I hope you do because you say you want to make the readers see what it's like being the morphed animal it would probably be more effective actually seeing the animal. Also the creatures (Visser Three, Hork Bajir etc.) would seem more realistic.

Posted by: K. A. Applegate Subject: Re: Animorph Movies

The Animorphs live-action TV series will be on Nick
next fall. --KAA

Posted by: Mom of Anafanatic Subject: Are Moms Allowed to Write?

Just wanted to say thank you for providing my obsessive daughter with something worthy of her obsession. Since she talks of very little except your books and related on-line activities, I finally read one or two of your books (okay, seven, so far). What a delight! I will never again be able to watch a dolphin frolick or a dog chase a rabbit without sharing the animal's every thought and joy. (Yikes! does that make me a Yeerk?) I could go on for pages about your work, but I'll skip straight to the point. I realize that you would never dream of selling an autographed book or other K.A. collectible. But would you send a very special Christmas gift to a very special fan in recognition of a $150 donation to the Barnes & Noble Christmas Tree program? I sincerely hope that didn't sound like a bribe, because we've already donated a couple of your four-book sets to the program and will probably donate more whether we hear from you or not. But this 46-year-old mother (yes, I know we're the same age) would have a very happy child on Christmas morning if you wrote back: I'll do this once, but don't anyone else ask!" If you were to agree, you could send the autographed book or any other little personal thing to Connie B. (the Mom) care of Barnes & Noble in Rockford, Il.. Either way, keep up the excellent work. Thanks!

Posted by: K. A. Applegate Subject: Re: Are Moms Allowed to Write?

Thanks for your very kind message. Can you send
me your e-mail address? --KAA

Posted by: Temporary Teacher Subject: Why?????

WHY????!!!!!???? K.A.A. why is Tobias's hair shorter in book 13 then in book 3? On the cover of my book it looks shorter. Can I please have your REAL address!?! I think that your stories are the bomb!!! I have almost all of your books up to 14! My favorite characters are Cassie and Tobias.
Well, I'd better go now!

Posted by: James Brown Subject: My Webpage, And some Q&A

Finally, after spending a week trying to get signed
up with Scholastic Network I can post my questions.
Please read them KA! 1 - We wont get books 11,12 and 13 down in Australia until
feburary, So could you tell me what happens in 13?!?
I've heard 2 storys, 1 is that the Elimist frees
Tobias because he helped the Hork-Bajir and the other
is that he was freed because he is Elfangors son.
Which is true?!? Is Tobias Elfangors son?
2 - Please check out my webpage. Http://
3 - Will there be anymore books with Visser One in it?
In The Stranger's future Visser Three has been
promoted so what happened to Visser One?!? Could the
Animorphs have freed her? I hope you reply,
James --

Posted by: Andrea B Subject: Re: My Webpage, And some Q&A

When is the next time Ax is going to be the main charecter in a book?

Posted by: K. A. Applegate Subject: Re: My Webpage, And some Q&A

Tobias does regain his morphing power in book #13. That's
all I'm saying on that. You want me to ruin every surprise?
As for Tobias being Elfangor's son, well, hmmm, that would
probably involve a lot of complicated time travel. (Check
out Andalite Chronicles to see some complicated time
travel.) We will definitely see more of Marco's mom. She shows up
in book #15, for example. But does she survive book #15?
Good question. (She said coyly.) Good observation about the future promotion of Visser
Three. Five possibilities: Marco's mom got demoted;
she got promoted to the Council of Thirteen; she didn't
survive book #15; she was freed; or, finally, she retired
to a pleasant villa in the south of the Yeerk home world. I will be glad to check out your page, and thanks for
having it. --KAA

Posted by: kurt r Subject: K.A Questions!!!!!!!!!

Dear K.A. Applegate,
I love your books, but I first have a few questions. (Could you please answer them?!!) 1. Are you really over 30?!!! You sure as hell don't look like it! I pictured you as maybe 24-26. 2. In #19, Cassie won't leave will she? Please say no! Please, please, please, please......... 3. I am such a fanatic I have every book, actually 2 of each book, one to read and the other in mint condition. 4. Are you really only signed for 30 books? I wan't you to write to 100!!! I will never tire of the Animorphs. 5. Will any more characters be joining the animorphs soon? I really hope one does. (and finally) 6. Do you have any children? (You don't have to answer if you don't want to) THANX - Forever yours, Kurt.
(Yes I do have the same fist 2 initials as you!)

Posted by: J. C. Alicata Subject: Re: K.A Questions!!!!!!!!!

What is your favorite book you wrote? Please reply.

Posted by: K. A. Applegate Subject: Re: K.A Questions!!!!!!!!!

1) Ah, sucking up, eh? Excellent. Now I will gladly
answer your questions. 1A) Hey, by the way, In book #15 I believe I used your
last name for an island. Royan island. Unless one of
the editors changed it. 2) She will quit. The question is, will she stick to
that decision. 3) Good for you. Not only are you an excellent judge of
age, you also have superb tastes in literature. 4) Well, I'm signed for 30 so far, plus Hork-Bajir
Chronicles. No one's saying I won't sign for more. 5) In books 20 through 22 we'll have a new morpher,
but will he be a permanent member of the group? Who
knows. To be serious here, one reason I hesitate to
add new members is that it gets more complicated to
write group scenes. As it is I have six bodies to
position, six people who each have to get a word in
every now and then. So seven makes it tougher. As a fan are you starting to get tired of the characters?
I'm not asking defensively, I'm actually curious. Is
there one character you think is weaker than the others? --KAA

Posted by: kurt r Subject: Re: Re: K.A Questions!!!!!!!!!

1. Believe me, i wasn't just sucking up, you really are pretty. 2. THANKYOU thankyou thankyou HEAPS for answering my questions. 3. If you care to know where your fans come from, I'm an aussie male, of 14 years. 4. When you said you named an island after my last name (maybe...) I swear my heart skipped a beat and I couldn't breath. I'm so happy, even if it doesn't get published that way. YAH-HOO 5. In answer to your questions, I am not, and never will get tired of any characters. I think that it is each individual that makes up the whole team.
eg. Jake, the leader
Cassie, animal expert, sensible
Marco, cool, funny I think that if one was to leave, even a 'weak' one, the whole team would fall down. You could find yourself in situations saying - "Oh, if only ****** was here. Any way, thanks for letting me have a say. Just remember, if you don't stop writing, I won't stop buying. THANX - Luv Kurt

Posted by: Delphine B Subject: Places

Have you ever went to a famouse place.

Posted by: K. A. Applegate Subject: Re: Places

I went to Italy once. Does that count? --KAA

Posted by: Debbie F Subject: Name

How did you come up with the name Animorphis?

Posted by: K. A. Applegate Subject: Re: Name

Actually, I didn't. It was Marco. Okay, okay, it wasn't
really Marco, it was Scholastic. --KAA

Posted by: Qube Subject: ask a qube

I'm a Qube what are you ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Posted by: K. A. Applegate Subject: Re: ask a qube

Let's go with triangle. --KAA

Posted by: Mrs. Grocott's Class Subject: Animorphs

where did you get the inspiration to write books like the ones you write? Was there a special influence?

Posted by: K. A. Applegate Subject: Re: Animorphs

You mean a particular person who inspired me? Not so
much a person as an idea, really. It was the idea
of Animorphs that really excited me. When I first
tried to get Scholastic interested in publishing the
series I wrote them a letter, and the final thing I
said to them was, "it's just a cool idea!" Fortunately, they agreed. --KAA

Posted by: Mrs. Grocott's Class Subject: Animorphs***

What made you think of the books Animorphs? Did you ever dream of the animorphing happening to you? I've never seen any books like yours, they are so different i love them.
So, please write back with how you thought of the idea of Animorphs, and if there was any influeince on why you wrote them. thank you

Posted by: K. A. Applegate Subject: Re: Animorphs***

I think the biggest influence was simply that I
like animals. I wanted to find some way to let
readers feel what it might be like to be in the
head of an animal. I thought it would be fun
and fascinating to see the world as it is experienced
by an entirely different species. --KAA

Posted by: Mike S Subject: I am a Gedd Head (They do rhyme, am I correct?

You probably won't get to these questions about my favorite alien species, because it was I who asked about those new alien chronicles, (that long one, but I have a few Gedd questions. If you can't answer them, I'll make up my own answer. Will the Animorphs ever find a need to morph Gedds? How is "Gedd" pronouced? With a "G" or a "J?" You said the Gedds were native to the Yeerk homeworld. (Makes sense.) True or not? What color are they? Thanks a bunch!

Posted by: K. A. Applegate Subject: Re: I am a Gedd Head (They do rhyme, am I correct?

Ah, finally, someone who likes the lowly Gedds.
Yes, it rhymes with "heads" and it's a hard "G",
like "guess". You know, I haven't done much thinking about the
Gedds. I know they are physically clumsy, and not
possessed of very acute senses. Otherwise the Yeerks
wouldn't be so anxious to move on and acquire more
impressive hosts. I picture them as sort of klutzy chimpanzees, almost,
perhaps with varied colords of fur. How do you see
them? --KAA

Posted by: The Ellimist Subject: Re: Re: I am a Gedd Head (They do rhyme, am I correct?

I see them as big blue monkeys with webbed hands and feet.

The Ellimist (you knew you'd hear from me again!)

Posted by: Ken M Subject: A Question

How do you think of Animorphs the Secret?

Posted by: skyler Subject: relationship

HI this is skyler,
I have read about all your books exept 7,8,and half of
9.I was wondering why the other books have nothing realy
to do with the last adventure? I know about everthing there is to know about the ANIMORPHS.I havent read 12,or 13,yet so i don't understand what you mean when you were
talking a little about 13?Bacuas Toibas was already stuck in hawk morph, becuse he stade in morph langer than the two hour limt,so how can it happen again if its already happnd
? I would realy aprecheate it if you could explain it to me.thanks
your bigist fan
skyler s. larson
p.s what I mean by 7,8,9,12,&13 is the books i havent read are 7,8,9,12,and 13 ok thans for talking the time to read this for me.

Posted by: K. A. Applegate Subject: Re: relationship

The deal with Tobias is that in book #1 he was stuck
in morph. And he lost his power to morph other animals.
In book #13 he gets back his power to morph other
animals. I don't usually carry through a story from one book to
the next because I want readers to be able to read the
books in any order they like. As you are doing. But
some parts of the story do get carried over. --KAA

Posted by: Mark H. Subject: Big Fan

Dear K.A. Appplegate,
I am a big fan of your books. They are so tense and exciting!! I have the whole series, but not numbers 6# 12# and 13#. The only ones I have not read are 12# 13# 2# and I am reading number 3#. How did you come to write a series? Why did you decide it to be about kids morphing into animals? How did you think up the Yeerks, the Taxxon, and the Hork-Bajir and all those weird names? Why did you decide to call it Animorphs, and in the series why did Marco think up the name Animorphs?

Posted by: K. A. Applegate Subject: Re: Big Fan

I thought up Animorphs sitting in my apartment in
Florida. (I used to live in Florida. Now I live
in Minnesota. I like extremes.) I was just looking
for a cool, new, interesting way to tell animal
stories. I wanted to put kids right into the heads
of various animals. Couple days later, I had Animorphs. --KAA

Posted by: Jay A Subject: Good questions

I read one of your books,I read the first one.When did you first start writing Animorphs?The next book I'm going to read is The Encounter.What book are you going to write next of the Animorphs.I wish I could have more of your books.When did you first write first book ever.Could you put me in one of your newest Animorphs book, and I could morph please.
Please Replay

Posted by: K. A. Applegate Subject: Re: Good questions

I started writing the first Animorphs book about two and
a half years ago, I guess. Give or take. But the first
book I ever wrote was way back in 1989. I've written
about 100 books total. So far. --KAA

Posted by: Amanda and Nicole Subject: Girls Talk

Dear K.A. Applegate,
We just wanted to know what your REAL name is and how you came up with the animorphs sieries. PLEASE RESPOND!!!!!!

Posted by: K. A. Applegate Subject: Re: Girls Talk

Okay, my real name is Iniss 445 of the Sulp Niar pool,
and I am a Yeerk! Ha, ha, ha, ha! --KAA

Posted by: Tim D Subject: Your Name

What does K.A. stand for in your name? Is that your real name, or is it a pen name?

Posted by: K. A. Applegate= Subject: Re: Your Name

Katherine Alice, and yep, that is my real name. However,
I have used a lot of pen names at earlier times in my
career. When I wrote romances for Harlequin I was Katherine
Kendall. I did various books for Disney as "A.R. Plumb,"
and "Nicholas Stevens." I wrote a horse series called
Silver Creek Riders as "Beth Kincaid." And, of course, I
was one of the many writers who wrote Sweet Valley Twins
books which are published under the name Francine Pascal. --KAA

Posted by: Ashley Subject: Evil Twins (Please Reply)

Dear K.A. Applegate,
Hello! My name is Ashley, I'm The Ellimist's best friend, you know, the annoying person who keeps asking you about weird questions no one cares about? Anyway, I was wondering if you might put evil twins in one of your Animorph books. They have already had two selves in the Forgotten, and in The Andalite Chronicles they went into other dimensions. Why shouldn't the Animorphs, accidently go into another dimension and have to battle evil twins! I think it would be a really cool ultimate battle. You would be fighting a self who knew all your strengths and weaknesses and knew just the right words to wound you verbally. They would also be just as strong as you. It would also make an interesting fight between "good" amd "evil". Better yet, Visser Three, or some other Yeerk, could set a trap that would take them there or just set them into a battle that was meant to kill them or even possibly a Yeerk proficiency test! Please reply! Ashley

Posted by: K. A. Applegate Subject: Re: Evil Twins (Please Reply)

You know what? Sitting right here on my
desk is a Post-It reminding me of a plot idea:
it would involve one of the characters morphing
some kind of worm that can regenerate. You know,
like flatworms where you cut them in half and each
half grows into a new worm? The idea would be that
while in worm morph a character gets cut in half, and
each half demorphs into a human, but split into good
and evil--good twin, evil twin. Somehow I feel it
should be either a Rachel book or a Marco book. How's that for great minds thinking alike? --KAA

Posted by: David Subject: Love Your Books!

HI, I just LOVE your books, the "Animorphs." I have a few questions for you: 1. How did you come up with the idea of the Animorphs? 2. Are the characters, such as Jake, Rachel, Tobias and Cassie actually kids you know? 3. How many books are you planning to end on? Keep on writing!

Posted by: K. A. Applegate Subject: Re: Love Your Books!

I don't think any of the characters are actual people
I know, but parts of the characters have been taken
from real people I know. For example, when I think
of Jake's sense of duty, there's a particular person
who inspired that. The same with Marco's sense of
humor. And to some extent I take elemenst of my own
personality and inject them into characters. --KAA

Posted by: Simone S.K. Subject: Needs Answering!

Who is your favorite charactor in your book series?

Posted by: K. A. Applegate Subject: Re: Needs Answering!

I don't have just one favorite. I like them all, and sometimes I dislike them all. They're kind of like regular friends: mostly they're cool, but occasionally they grind my nerves. --KAA

Posted by: Aaron M Subject: Something about Marco.

Why did you make Marco so funny? And Why is his favorite word "insane"?
By the way, I love your books!!!!

Posted by: K. A. Applegate Subject: Re: Something about Marco.

Well, someone had to be funny. Right? --KAA

Posted by: K. Subject: animorphs

How did you get a publisher to publish your books? What was his or her name? BR>

Posted by: K. A. Applegate Subject: Re: animorphs

Basically what you do is send your idea to a publisher and they decide whether they'll publish it. In the case of Animorphs I sent what we call a "series bible." It was in a loose-leaf binder and included some outlines, some descriptions of the characters, sample chapters, descriptions of the aliens and so. I sent this, along with a letter, to Scholastic, and they agreed to publish it. --KAA

Posted by: Ellen Subject: I would ike to know

Where is your favorite place to write books?

Posted by: K. A. Applegate Subject: Re: I would ike to know

Right here at home, in my office, with a big mug of French roast coffee. --KAA

Posted by: John M Subject: Animorphs

Hello Katherine. I am a big fan of the Animorphs series. I own ALL of them (so far). I think that the picture of you morphing into a lion is so RADICAL! If at all possible, would you please please PLEASE give me your email address. PS:I love the andalite chronicles!

Posted by: K. A. Applegate Subject: Re: Animorphs

Thank you very much for your kind words. I'm glad you liked the Chronicles, too. I'm sorry but I never give out my e-mail address because you know how stuff works on the web: pretty soon I'd be getting 1000 pieces of spam mail a day! --KAA

Posted by: dale k Subject: animorphs

HI old hag,how are you I'm cool,well I'm just kiding about the hag part sorry I just want to know if I could get a copy of the newest "animorphs" book for free because I got no money because my parents are broke so I get no allowence oh yah I'm 13 BY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!Also send e-mail addresss

Posted by: K. A. Applegate Subject: Re: animorphs

Hi. Sorry I can't send you a book, or I'd end up having to send out thousands. Is it possible that your local library has Animorphs books? Or maybe you could borrow from a friend. I do sympathize. I was broke for lots and lots of years. By the way, you should never put your phone number out over the web. Okay? --KAA

Posted by: dustin p Subject: Aniimorphs/ your #1 fan

Dear kathren, I love your books i own all of them. I call Powles every day. I thin that should be updated evry 1st of every month that way you will know what day to lok at it, I also think that you need millisa chapman find out how the animorphs are and ax should give her the power to morph. and I think you should get at least one other person.I have an idea about a book. I think some andilites should fallow a yeerk ship to earth and crash in Oregon get some mixed human morphs get jobs and trak down ax then help him,and the animorphs fight and free some tom. your #1 fannnn dustin

Posted by: K. A. Applegate Subject: Re: Aniimorphs/ your #1 fan

I like your ideas, but maybe you should think about writing your own stories. Have you ever considered doing so? --KAA

Posted by: Trudy S Subject: Dinomorphs

Dear K.A. Applegate: I think that somehow the animorphs should find the time matrix in the construction site but misuse it and go back in time and acquire dinosaurs, water dinosaurs and air dinosaurs and in another book maybe they should learn how to combine morphs. Maybe they can learn how to undo morphs, even after 2 hours. The ellimists might take part in this books, too. Maybe you should have a book with an ellimist on the cover and showing things from his point of view. I love your books and would love to read more. Keep writing!! Your fan, Don (Marco)

Posted by: K. A. Applegate Subject: Re: Dinomorphs

You and I must think alike. In megamorphs 2 the kids
do travel back to the age of dinosaurs, although they
don't use the matrix. Rest assured, though, the time
matrix will be found someday. --KAA

Posted by: Ashley B Subject: Tobias's Hearing (Please Reply!)

Dear K. A. Applegate, In book 2 and other books it says that they can't talk to Tobias while walking or whatever because he couldn't hear them. But they are always talking about how amazing hawk hearing is, and in The Secret Tobias heard Cassie and Jake's conversation even though he was far away and it even said that hawk hearing was really good! So why do they say that he can't participate in conversations because he can't hear? Please Reply!

Posted by: K. A. Applegate Subject: Re: Tobias's Hearing (Please Reply!)

It's all a question of how far away Tobias is. Also,
whether he is flying at the time. Red-tail hawks have
tremendous hearing, but even they have limits. --KAA

Posted by: Tobias Fangor Subject: Questions with the answer from you(I hope)

Dear K.A. I really like your books(as I've said before). I keep reading your replys and I'm wondering. What's book 20-23 about? You talk about them alot, but never tell what are they about. I know that in 23 Tobias finds out about Elfangor being his dad, and they find the blue box in 20,21,or 22. Plus, I know A new Animorph(a human) comes in 20,21, or 22. Please tell me about the books.
Also are the morphs in upcoming books, hammerhead shark, cobra, rhino, bat, butterfly, Leeran, polar bear, and bat? Am I forgeting any? Thanks for reading this. Tobias Fangor --- Like the name

Posted by: K. A. Applegate Subject: Re: Questions with the answer from you(I hope)

I'm not telling any more than I've told. Two reasons:
I haven't written the books yet and so I am not totally
sure what will happen. But also because I want to surprise
you. There are two things that make writing Animorphs really fun.
Number one: they pay me a lot of money. Number Two: I
really, really enjoy sitting here at my computer, and typing
away on a book and thinking "Oh, now this is going to
rock their worlds. This is gonna make 'em scream. This
is gonna make them laugh. And when they get to this part
they are going to stay up all night reading because they
can't put it down." I LOVE teasing, tricking, surprising, upsetting, scaring,
infuriating and challenging readers. I LOVE thinking
you'll blow milk out of your noses because I've made you
laugh. My goal is to make it impossible for you to put
down an Animorphs book. I want to do all this and still
present you with serious, important things to think about. Now, how, how, HOW am I going to do all that if you know
exactly what's going to happen in advance? --KAA

Posted by: Natalie W Subject: A-Probably-Way-Too-Complicated-QuestionPLEASEREPLY

Howdy again. I finally worked up the nerve for a 3rd question... Ok, here it goes....
I find Science interesting and I, unlike many others, actually stay awake during Science Class. Therefore I have really and truly learned something. For Once. Anyway, when you eat food, (no this ain't a Science lecture, just bear with me) it's broken down into Glucose. Glucose is what your cells survive on. Glucose+Oxygen=3DEnergy. Without Glucose, no Energy. No Energy, no movement. Also No Energy, No Life. Ah, anyway what I'm getting at is when the Animorphs morph, their cells actually change into the cells of another Animal. Would their Glucose still be there? 'Cause if not, they would definately need to eat after morphing, or they'd prob'ly die. Of course, I am just a little undereducated 7th grader and you're..what..a great, wise, 27 yr. old (:? Please wait...don't...I'm too insecure! I fear rejection! AUUGGHHH!!! Time. C-ya! -Nat

Posted by: K. A. Applegate Subject: Re: A-Probably-Way-Too-Complicated-QuestionPLEASEREPLY

See, the difficulty you have is that unlike me,
you actually have to study real science, as opposed
to just making stuff up. Science is so much easier
when you can just make stuff up. What happens during morphing is that all excess mass
is transferred into zero-space, including of course,
glucose and all other cellular stuff. Now, when they
morph something larger than themselves they draw free
floating mass from z-space. Thus the glucose level
is not affected. Run this explanation by your science teacher, and
when he/she gets done laughing, tell him, "hey, K.A.
is just a lowly English major, get off her back." --KAA

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