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"He could not morph again, of course. He was an Andalite nothlit. Many years ago, far away, he had stayed too long in Taxxon morph and had been unable to demorph. And now he was Taxxon for good."

Arbron was an Andalite aristh who was never serious, and was always competitive with Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul. During a mission to the Taxxon homeworld to gain the Time Matrix, he ended up trapped in Taxxon morph. Arbron chose to remain on the Taxxon homeworld while Elfangor and Alloran left, electing to lead the Taxxon rebellion instead.


Time Matrix Mission[]

"Arbron! What are you up to? Demorph! Come on, Arbron. Demorph."
"I really wish I could, Elfangor. I really wish I could."
Elfangor and Arbron[src]
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Arbron and Elfangor were both summoned to the battle bridge of a Dome ship known as the StarSword, and was soon dispatched into a possible battle against the Skrit Na, under the supervision of War-Prince Alloran-Semitur-Corrass.

Originally they were sent to capture the Skrit Na ship and to return two humans, Loren and Hedrick Chapman, who were kidnapped by the Skrit Na, back to Earth.

However, he discovered the Time Matrix, the most powerful weapon imaginable, in another Skrit Na ship. They then headed to the Taxxon homeworld in pursuit of the ship.

Arbron acquired a Taxxon morph in disguise. He, Elfangor, and Alloran were on the Taxxon home world when a Taxxon was dropped from a train and and killed. He and presumably Alloran could not resist the vile Taxxon hunger and fed on the Taxxon, unlike Elfangor, who barely managed to resist. He lost track of both Alloran and Elfangor in the chaos.

He remained in Taxxon morph after the two-hour limit of morphing and became a nothlit, an Andalite trapped in a morph body. He managed to escape from his Yeerk pursuers, and joined The Living Hive, a "creature" that controlled the rebel Taxxons that fought against the Yeerks. The Living Hive consulted with Arbron as it did not understand the machines that the Yeerks used, while Arbron did. Elfangor was sucked into The Living Hive while he was driving a Ford Mustang. Arbron and The Living Hive planned an assault on the Taxxon home world against the Yeerks. Although Arbron and Elfangor knew that the battle would be a slaughter as Taxxons do not stand much of a chance against Hork-Bajir because of their bladed bodies. Since one cannot tell the different between a rebel Taxxon and a Taxxon controller, Elfangor was forced to kill both as he fled to the Jahar.

Arbron had reached the battle before Elfangor and was at the Jahar when he reached it. Arbron could no longer resist the vile Taxxon hunger and he reached out for Chapman and Loren, but was interrupted by forces led by Sub-Visser Seven. After Alloran rescued them and captured the Sub-Visser, Elfangor asked Arbron to come with them, but he declined and pointed out a Taxxon had no place in Andalite society while he could do much more good with the Taxxons. As they left, Alloran promoted him to Warrior and listed him as a casualty.

Several years later, the Ellimist showed Elfangor a vision of Arbron continuing to lead the Taxxon rebels against the Yeerks. Sensing that his Andalite pride was intact, Elfangor praised him as a true hero.

Meeting Jake[]

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"My name is Arbron. I am — was an Andalite aristh."
"You're a Taxxon."
"Your friend Tobias is a hawk."
"You're stuck in morph? You're a morphed Andalite stuck as a Taxxon? A
"I am a Taxxon. I have been for more years than I can easily count. I was on the Taxxon home world with two Andalites of your acquaintance."
―Arbron and Jake[src]

Arbron later left the Taxxon home world and traveled to Earth some time later. He became the leader of the Taxxons who wanted to fight the Yeerks because they had been denied the morphing technology when the Yeerks obtained it.

Relocating to the Amazon[]

"Arbron's Taxxons — those that had survived the battle — had fulfilled another of Cassie's farseeing dreams: They had, as agreed, permanently morphed to anaconda and various other way-too-big snakes. They'd been relocated to the Brazilian rain forest, which was now protected by Brazilian law and hefty U.N. payments. If you were a guinea pig walking around the rain forest now you were toast, but the former Taxxons left people alone. Arbron himself went down there with them."

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"Arbron was shot and killed by poachers. It was a big incident for a while. They caught the poachers and put them away. Everyone said how terrible it was. But you know, Arbron was probably grateful. He had saved his adopted people, but he had been a prisoner of that awful Taxxon hunger, and that's no way to live. The Andalite ambassador to the United Nations took charge of the body — what was left of it. Arbron was flown back to the Andalite home world and given a quiet funeral."

Some time after the Yeerks' defeat, Arbron was killed by poachers in the Amazon, who were incarcerated for their crime. Because he was a nothlit, he was, unlike the other Taxxons, unable to acquire morphing ability and become a snake. What remained of his Taxxon body was transported to the Andalite home world for a quiet funeral.


"I am glad I didn't die. Any life is better than none. And no matter how awful things seem, there is always meaning and purpose to be found."
―Arbron to Elfangor[src]

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Arbron's Morphs[]

Morph Book Acquired
Djabala, Kafit bird Prior to The Andalite Chronicles
Taxxon (nothlit) The Andalite Chronicles


  1. Shot by human poachers while living in the Amazon rainforest