Antioch (now known as Trends International) is a company which produced many stationery-type Animorphs merchandise, including bookmarks, ID cards, journals, magnets, stickers, bookplates, book covers, and more.


Shaped BookmarksEdit

Tabbed BookmarksEdit

5 Animorphs tabbed bookmarks Rachel Tobias Jake Cassie

Tassled BookmarksEdit

Tobias antioch tassled bookmark make the change book 3 Jake antioch tassled bookmark dont morph book 6 Cassie antioch tassled bookmark focus concentrate book 9 Rachel antioch tassled bookmark nothing challenges book 7 Marco antioch tassled bookmark morph back now book 10

Journals and DiariesEdit


ID CardsEdit


Not PicturedEdit

  • Memo board super Pack
  • Possibly, Marco and Ax tabbed bookmarks
  • Better pictures of the magnets
  • Better picture of the purple DNA journal

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