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"Well, as you know, we believe the Anti-Morphing Ray is a real threat to all of you. If it works it would destroy the morphing field and cause a person in morph to demorph."
Erek King[src]

The Anti-Morphing Ray (often abbreviated as AMR) was a Yeerk invention created to force an Andalite (or human, as the case may be) to demorph. Only one prototype AMR was ever created. It was first mentioned in The Separation but wasn't featured until The Illusion where the Animorphs fooled the Yeerks into believing it didn't work. They accomplished this by Tobias morphing into Ax and pretending to be an Andalite morphed into the body of a hawk. Visser Three is convinced the AMR is a failure, and has its inventors fed to the Taxxons.



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