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"A gull got sucked into the helicopter's engine. But that was nothing compared to the ant-Cassie that almost killed me back in the woods with its pincers. The buffalo saved my life."
"You had an aunt who tried to kill you with her pincers? Boy, and I thought Tobias's family was bad."
Cassie and Rachel[src]

The "Ant-Cassie" was a black ant that accidentally gained the power to morph and acquired Cassie.


"How could an ant have gained the power to morph! There was only one way. The blue box. The ant must have touched it. Yes, it had, back when we had been resting on the rocks. The ant had been crawling on the box and I'd flicked it off. Then it had crawled up my leg. It must have acquired me without having any idea of what it was doing."

The "Ant-Cassie" was a black ant that crawled on the Escafil device and then up Cassie's leg, gaining the power to morph, acquiring Cassie, and then morphing into her. It was only able to morph partway to human, but was able to scream with the human mouth and used human-sized pincers to break and tear Cassie's arm before being torn in half by the Buffa-Human. It immediately demorphed and Cassie stepped on the spot where it had been, presumably killing it.[1]

Ant-Cassie's Morphs[]

Morph Book Acquired
Human (Cassie) The Hidden