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For the ant that morphed into Cassie, see Ant-Cassie
Marco morphing Ant

Marco morphing into an ant

"They are social insects. Part of a colony. A hive. I should have guessed. I should have known. Ax is right. Each of us is only a part. Like a single cell within a human body."

The ant is a colonial insect native to Earth, descended from the Nesk. They are notable for being the worst morphing experience for the Animorphs.


Some time after the Nesk left Earth during 65,000,000 B.C., they returned and eventually devolved into Earth's modern-day ants.[1]


Animorphs morphed as ants The Predator Japanese illustration

The Animorphs in ant morph heading for Chapman's basement.

"We had already acquired some ants earlier, at Cassie's barn. We were getting ready to do it. I was scared. Badly scared."

Jake, Rachel, Cassie, Marco and Ax acquired black garden ants from a colony located at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic in The Predator.


"Ants. That was Cassie's brilliant idea. Ants. See, ants could get into Chapman's basement. And ants could carry away the small transponder. Ants. This was what my life had come to. We ended up spending a couple of hours debating whether we should be red ants or black ants. I finally left in disgust. I didn't want to be an ant, red, black, or any other color."

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Traumatic Aftermath[]

"We'd had some really bad experiences morphing. But morphing ants was the worst. We ended up being the wrong species and tribe of ants in the middle of enemy ant territory. You would not believe the nightmares that came out of that one. The tunnels pressing in all around, and then hundreds of vicious ant soldiers exploded all around us, attacking [...] I saw the huge, metallic-looking heads of the enemy ants as they crashed through sand walls and locked their massive pincers on me and tried to slice me into pieces. Do you know what it's like to think that you're going to die, and never even get back to human form? To believe that you're going to die as an ant, trapped in a hell that no human had ever been to?"

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Known Morphers[]



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