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Travel game final folded out scan

Full game board, folded out

An Animorphs Travel Game was produced by Promotional Partners Worldwide in Australia, in association with Pizza Hut. It was not given out as a toy in Pizza Hut locations, and may have been given out as a general promotional item.

Gameboard illustration[]

The game consists of a gameboard that can be folded in half, which has three ovular paths you can follow with one of the magnetic pieces. The human characters Tobias, Marco, Jake, Cassie, and Rachel are seen as cartoon drawings in the background. Next to each character is one of the animorphs catchphrases:

  • Tobias - I have the sky
  • Marco - The Instinct is Animal
  • Jake - Time to Meet the Tiger
  • Cassie - Morph Back, Now!
  • Rachel - Some people never change, some do.

How to Play[]

  1. All players, up to 4, start their piece on the Animorphs logo
  2. Always move in the direction of the arrows
  3. Roll the dice. To start you must throw a 2
  4. The player who completes an entire circle of an outer ellipse wins


  1. The white symbols mean you successfully 'morph' and go ahead to the next 'A' logo following the direction of the arrows
  2. The black symbols are Taxxons which send you back three spaces.
  3. 'A' symbol - send the player nearest you back to the start, because you suspect they are a Controller


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