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Animorphs student planner cover

Front cover of the student planner

The Animorphs Student Planner was a planner created by Scholastic for the 1999-2000 school year. For each of 44 weeks beginning with August 30, 1999, and ending with July 2, 2000, the left page would consist of a purple-hued picture of one of the Animorphs books inside covers (or in some cases the cover of a Megamorphs or Chronicles book), and the right page would consist of a space for each day of the week to write on, and four steps of the morph that corresponded with the image on the left page. The left page inside cover images were, for the most part, in descending chronological order based on publication date, starting with book 32 and ending with book 1. The very last week shows a picture of the Animorphs morphing dinosaurs, which was a promotional poster made around the time Megamorphs #2 was released.

Back Cover Summary[]

You've got something on your mind...

Student planner back cover

Back cover showing the summary and all the animorphs

Hope it's not a Yeerk. Hey, just because no one knows who we are doesn't mean you shouldn't know where you are. Now you can get organized with the Animorphs Student Planner. There's lots of space for your class schedules and notes. So get it together...but remember: Watch your back. Anyone could be one of them. Anyone...

Product Details[]

  • ISBN-13:9780439081146
  • Publisher:Scholastic, Inc.
  • Publication date: 06/10/1999
  • Edition description:SPIRAL
  • Pages:112
  • Product dimensions: 7.25(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.48(d) 
  • Age Range:9 - 12 Years[1]


  • Title page with spaces for school and property of
  • Copyright page
  • Class schedule for each quarter
  • Homework and Assignments (3 x 2pages)
  • Term Papers, Projects, & Special Assignments (2 x 2pages)
  • Sports & Activities Schedules
  • Plans for the Month (2 x 2pages, with space for each month from September 1999 - August 2000)

Weekly Pages[]

Week of Left Page Image
August 30 - September 5 The Separation #32 inside cover
September 6-12 The Conspiracy #31 inside cover
September 13-19 The Reunion #30 inside cover
September 20-26 The Sickness #29 inside cover
September 27 - October 3 The Experiment #28 inside cover
October 4-10 Hork-Bajir Chronicles cover
October 11-17 Hork-Bajir Chronicles back cover
October 18-24 The Exposed #27 inside cover
October 25-31 The Attack #26 inside cover
November 1-7 The Extreme #25  inside cover
November 8-14 The Suspicion #24 inside cover
November 15-21 The Pretender #23 inside cover
November 22-28 Megamorphs #3 inside cover
November 29 - December 5 The Solution #22 inside cover
December 6-12 The Threat #21 inside cover
December 13-19 The Discovery #20 inside cover
December 20-26 The Departure #19 inside cover
December 27 - January 2 The Decision #18 inside cover
January 3-9 Megamorphs #2 cover (Right side has six Animorphs portraits)
January 10-16 Megamorphs #2 inside cover with all six Animorphs portraits (Right side has six Animorphs portraits)
January 17-23 The Underground #17 inside cover
January 24-30 The Warning #16 inside cover
January 31 - February 6 The Escape #15 inside cover
February 7-13 The Unknown #14 inside cover
February 14-20 The Change #13 inside cover
February 21-27 The Andalite Chronicles cover (no images on right page)
February 28 - March 5 The Andalite Chronicles 1st inside cover (no images on right page)
March 6-12 The Andalite Chronicles 2nd inside cover (no images on right page)
March 13-19 The Reaction #12 inside cover
March 20-26 The Forgotten #11 inside cover
March 27 - April 2 The Android #10 inside cover
April 3-9 The Secret #9 inside cover
April 10-16 The Alien #8 inside cover
April 17-23 The Stranger #7 inside cover
April 24-30 Megamorphs #1 cover. Right side has 5 Animorphs portraits instead of a morph
May 1-7 Megamorphs #1 inside cover. Right side has same 5 Animorphs portraits
May 8-14 The Capture #6 inside cover
May 15-21 The Predator #5 inside cover with gorilla
May 22-28 The Predator #5 inside cover with lobster
May 29 - June 4 The Message #4 inside cover
June 5-11 The Encounter #3 inside cover
June 12-18 The Visitor #2 inside cover
June 19-25 The Invasion #1 inside cover
June 26 - July 2 Megamorphs #2 promotional dinosaur poster image with T-Rex, Tobias, in hawk morph, and Jake, Cassie, Rachel, and Marco morphing dinosaurs

Ending Pages[]

Six Pages of blank notes with an Animorph's picture and a title which corresponded to the Animorph's personality

  • Goals..Let's Get Organized Notes Page (Jake)
  • Shopping Lists notes pages (Rachel)
  • A Bird's Eye View of What's Happening (Tobias)
  • Special Causes (Cassie)
  • Crush Stuff (Marco)
  • Some Things are Just Out of This World (Ax)
  • Notes (3 x 2pages)
  • Friends and Addresses (2 x 2pages)
  • Birthdays and Special Days to Remember
  • Two-Year Calendar (January 1999-December 2000)
  • Back Cover with Summary and picture of Animorphs that is on Megamorphs #3 cover


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