Animorphs school folders all 9 stock photos

Stock photos of all nine folders

Nine school folders were produced by Plymouth, Inc. and sold in Office Max. Four of the nine featured a lenticular card on the front. They had the following illustrations and slogans:
  • "Some People Never Change...Some Do" with A logo, clock, handprint, and shot from the tv show
  • "Step Inside a morph. It'll CHANGE your WORLD" with hawk lenticular card, and tv show shots.
  • "Make the Change" with human to tiger lenticular card and morphing silhouette
  • "Know the Secret" with Elfangor Andalite lenticular card, handprint, and shot of Jake from the TV show
  • "Concentrate" with Cassie from the TV show, and Cassie morphing butterfly from the cover of The Departure.
  • "Time to meet the Tiger" with Jake /Tiger illustration
  • "Make the Change" with promo shot from the TV show featuring the five human characters and a lion
  • "Watch Out for Visser Three" featuring Andalite illustration from the cover of The Andalite Chronicles, a cartoon illustration of an Unnamed Creature with Eight Heads and Eight Legs in the background.
  • "Become the Beast" with Rachel/Bear headshot, and Rachel/Bear morph from the cover of The Stranger.

Stock Photo Individual ImagesEdit

Animorphs school folder 1 some people never change
Animorphs school folder 2 step inside a morph
Animorphs school folder 3 make the change
Animorphs school folder 4 Know the Secret
Animorphs School folder 5 concentrate
Animorphs School folder 6 meet the tiger
Animorphs school folder 7 make the change tv show
Animorphs school folder 8 watch out visser three
Animorphs school folder 9 become the beast

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