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Animorphs sanctuary introductory pack group shot

Every item in the Animorphs Sanctuary Introductory pack

The Animorphs Sanctuary was a fan club that Animorphs readers could join through Scholastic from January 1, 1999 through March 31, 1999 (later extended to April 30, 1999). The reader would receive an introductory pack with gifts, 3 subsequent newsletters, and through those mailings a total of three secret codes which would allow access to view content on special parts of the web site. The introductory pack consisted of an Animorphs amulet/necklace with the "A" logo, an Animorphs Sanctuary Official passport, an Animorphs Sanctuary poster, the first newsletter, all inside a black folder sealed with an "A" logo sticker.

The subsequent 3 mailings each contained a newsletter in the form of an AOL-style "chat" among the Animorphs members, ending with a new special password to access the Animorphs Sanctuary part of the web site. These subsequent newsletters measured about 6"x9". When one typed in the password, one could access insider info, downloads, polls, and screensavers of the Animorphs morphing the morphs from the book covers. Later, in 2011 during the Animorphs re-release, cover artist David Mattingly would re-post these screensavers on his youtube channel.

Animorphs Sanctuary Introductory Pack[]

This included:

  • Sanctuary Passport
  • Sanctuary "A" small translucent 8.5"x11" poster
  • cardboard backing
  • Sanctuary "A" logo necklace
  • First Sanctuary Chat newsletter (measuring 8.5"x11")
  • Black envelope with "A" logo sticker

Sanctuary three subsequent newsletters[]

These were scheduled to be sent out around the 15th of the month, in April, July, and October 1999. Later, they were scheduled to be sent out April 30, July 2, and October 1. Members could choose to receive them via email or snail mail. The backside of the mailings showed the Sanctuary logo. The end of each newsletter contained a new password for the recipient to use to access the Sanctuary part of the web site, which was scheduled to go live on April 30, 1999.

Sanctuary chats back side full

Back side of each of the three subsequent chats


The Animorphs Sanctuary was advertised in the back pages of the Scholastic edition of book 25, and both editions of book 26 and book 27 with an original sign-up deadline of March 31, 1999.  On the front cover of Book 29, a sticker reminded the reader that time was running out and you needed to sign up before April 30, 1999, which was the extended deadline to sign up. Some recipients of items in the Animorphs Alliance fan club also received advertisements to sign up for the Animorphs Sanctuary.


The three passwords, revealed at the end of each newsletter, were:

  • THEKEY (April)
  • 2CHANGE (enabled July 2)
  • URWORLD (October)

To enter, you would go to, then click the Sanctuary logo on the home page, to access the password page, then type in the password. The password page also contained an FAQ about the Sanctuary. When you typed in the password, you could access screensavers, insider info, downloads,polls, latest information, learn about the Sanctuary's "adopted" pet chimpanzee GiGi, and share your thoughts on a forum with other Sanctuary members.

The Sanctuary effectively ended in December 1999, when K.A. Applegate did her first ever webcast. This webcast gave out a new password, "KNOWLEDGE", which could be used to access the Virtual Time Capsule part of the site, which would replace the Sanctuary area (and initially used the same web address including the term "sanct00". The April newsletter says that "in order to access the Sanctuary this year, you will need four passwords". However, the three newsletters only give out three passwords, so the password revealed during the webcast seems to be the fourth password.

Sanctuary Screensavers[]

There were six total screensavers available for download, one for each character. The foreground would show the character morphing the various morphs on the book covers, and the background would be a large closeup of the character's face, and a bunch of colored clouds. The background closeup of each character's face in these screensavers was the first and only time fans would see the cover models' face shots without half their face being an animal (as seen in the Megamorphs #2 inside covers). If you look closely at the cover model pictures and the MM2 inside covers, you can see the face is the same or very similar, just edited a bit. In 2011 during the re-release, cover artist David Mattingly posted them to his youtube page . (For some reason, Mattingly did not post the Tobias screensaver, so it is not embedded below. However, you can watch it here )


Rachel Animorphs screen saver


Marco Animorphs screen saver


Jake Animorphs screen saver


Cassie Animorphs screen saver


Ax Animorphs screen saver

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