Various Animorphs Promotional Items could be found inside or shrink-wrapped with the books themselves, and were also given out at bookstores when certain books were released. 

Found inside or with books[]

If the item was found inside the book, it was attached in the middle of the book, between two pages. The items that came with book 37 and book 45 were shrink-wrapped with them.

Book Item
#5 The Predator "The Yeerks are Among Us" iron-on decal
Megamorphs #1 "Join Us Together We Fight" iron-on decal
#8 The Alien Two Bookmarks with Ax/human cover morph
#9 The Secret "Together We Fight" postcard
#10 The Android Two stickers with the cover morphs of book 10 and 11
#14 The Unknown 50 Flipbook stickers (school market edition only)
#28 The Experiment Two bookmarks with the Ax/cow cover morph
#37 The Weakness Animorphs 'A' zipper tag shrink wrapped
#45 The Revelation Animorphs: Know the Secret Demo CD shrink wrapped

Book Front and Back Covers[]

Collectible Item[]

Found inside Books: International[]

  • The earlier printings of the UK editions of the Animorphs series had six books which contained collectible cards inside. These books are:
  • Italian Animorphs Books - each Italian book, of the 52 published, contains at the end of the book either a page of Iron-on transfers or a page of stickers.

Book #11 The Forgotten, UK edition

Collectible Character card: Jake.

Book #13 The Change UK edition

Collectible character card: Tobias. (This picture shows the stats on the back).

Megamorphs #1: The Andalite's Gift, UK edition

Collectible Character card: Human Animorphs shown on the front, Ax stats on the back.

Italian Animorphs books, such as Book #37 The Weakness, all have stickers or transfers.

Stickers that come with book 37. For all stickers that have been uploaded, see full article Italian Animorphs Books.

Given out during Book Releases[]

  • Book 26 The Attack - Postcard with books 26 and 27 morphs on the front, Transformers promotion on the back
  • Book 31 The Conspiracy - Postcard with word scramble puzzle (also found in the back of the book)
  • Megamorphs #1 The Andalite's Gift - Bookmark with cover faces, Three sets of 2 attached trading cards: Jake-Rachel, Marco-Cassie, and Tobias-Ax.
  • Megamorphs #2 In the Time of Dinosaurs - Valentine and Bookmark Sheet, Promotional Postcard with T-Rex face, Dinosaur morphing poster
  • Megamorphs #3 Elfangor's Secret - Keychain with cover picture, Pin with cover picture, poster
  • VISSER - Iron-on transfer Decal with cover image

Miscellaneous Promotional Items[]

  • 2 Reading Changes Everything Bookmarks
  • Know the Secret fold-out magnet
  • This Fighter is Personal bumper stickers
  • Two Animal print Kaleidoscopes
  • Paper Book covers
  • Travel Game (in Australia)
  • Buttons (in Australia)
  • Water Bottle
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