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Many different Animorphs posters were released, most promotional for certain books, and others which came with another piece of merchandise. For instance, the Animorphs Aliens poster came with the Animorphs 2000 Calendar, and a limited edition poster came with Australian VHS tape 1. 

List of Posters[]

  • Miscellaneous poster depicting the cover of the first book, The Invasion
  • Purple poster promoting the Animorphs TV Series
  • Animorphs Aliens Poster - came as an extra inside the Animorphs 2000 Calendar
  • Everything is Changing Poster - has the cover morphs of the first five books on the front, and bios for each of the five human members on the back
  • Can You Find the Fake Morph? poster
  • Reading Will Change You - promotional poster for Megamorphs #1
  • Animorphs Alliance poster, with the faces of each Animorphs, from the intro pack
  • Animorphs: Shattered Reality promotional retailer poster

Megamorphs #2[]

  • Dinosaur Promotional Poster, featuring the five human members of the Animorphs morphing different dinosaurs, given out/sold during the promotion for Megamorphs #2
  • Dinosaur poster with each Animorph's face - promotional poster for Megamorphs #2. This image was also on a promotional postcard.

Megamorphs #3[]

  • 'This Summer the Fight Gets Personal' - promotional poster for Megamorphs #3
  • 'This Fight is Personal' - promotional poster for Megamorphs #3


  • Russian Poster depicting the cover of the third book, The Encounter


  • Australian Aliens Poster 1 - Hork-Bajir illustration on the front, Watch Your Back watch your brain on the back
  • Australian Aliens Poster 2 - Yeerk Illustration and Hork-Bajir Illustration
  • Limited Edition Poster that came with the first Australian VHS Tape

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