4228 B Animorphs All Four Jigsaw Puzzles Catalog Promo Image.jpg
All four puzzles (Catalog image)

Four Animorphs Jigsaw Puzzles were released in 1998 by Milton Bradley. The box measures 8 11/16" x 12 1/2" x 1 1/2" and contains 200 puzzle pieces and a collectible lenticular card. Artwork for the puzzles was done by Rick Grayson.[1]

Puzzle Descriptions

The puzzles used original artwork depicting one of the four human members of the Animorphs morphing an animal in a scene from Books #1-7. They are:

Puzzle Pictures

Puzzle Box Puzzle Pieces
Book #1: The Invasion
Animorphs puzzle jake tiger fighting visser three eight headed creature.jpg
Puzzle featuring Jake fighting the Visser Three morphed as the Eight-headed creature
Animorphs jake tiger visser three jigsaw puzzle completed.jpg

Book #3: The Encounter

Marco wolf animorphs hasbro jigsaw puzzle.jpg
Marco in wolf morph next to a lake, with a Bug fighter and a Truck ship in the air.
Marco wolf jigsaw puzzle the encounter lake truck ship.jpg
Marco/Wolf Jigsaw Puzzle pieced together
Book #4: The Message
4228 A Animorphs Cassie Dolphin Jigsaw Puzzle Catalog image.jpg
Cassie (and the other Animorphs) in dolphin morph come across the dome of the GalaxyTree dome ship, with Ax inside.
Cassie dolphin completed jigsaw puzzle fw.jpg
Cassie/Dolphin Jigsaw Puzzle pieced together
Book #7: The Stranger
Rachel bear animorphs jigsaw puzzle cover hq.jpg
Rachel in bear morph fighting a Hork-Bajir in the EGS tower.
Rachel bear animorphs jigsaw puzzle pieces together.jpg

Other Pictures


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