All four puzzles (Catalog image)

Four Animorphs Jigsaw Puzzles were released in 1998 by Milton Bradley. The box measures 8 11/16" x 12 1/2" x 1 1/2" and contains 200 puzzle pieces and a collectible lenticular card. Artwork for the puzzles was done by Rick Grayson.[1]

Puzzle Descriptions[]

The puzzles used original artwork depicting one of the four human members of the Animorphs morphing an animal in a scene from Books #1-7. They are:

Puzzle Pictures[]

Puzzle Box Puzzle Pieces
Book #1: The Invasion

Puzzle featuring Jake fighting the Visser Three morphed as the Eight-headed creature

Animorphs jake tiger visser three jigsaw puzzle completed.jpg

Book #3: The Encounter

Marco in wolf morph next to a lake, with a Bug fighter and a Truck ship in the air.

Marco/Wolf Jigsaw Puzzle pieced together

Book #4: The Message

Cassie (and the other Animorphs) in dolphin morph come across the dome of the GalaxyTree dome ship, with Ax inside.

Cassie/Dolphin Jigsaw Puzzle pieced together

Book #7: The Stranger

Rachel in bear morph fighting a Hork-Bajir in the EGS tower.

Rachel bear animorphs jigsaw puzzle pieces together.jpg

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