As part of the marketing license by Scholastic, fast food toys were produced for three franchises:

  • Taco Bell released 5 toys in 1998 and 5 toys from September 13, 1999 to October 10, 1999
  • Pizza Hut released 5 toys from November 9, 1998 to January 4, 1999
  • KFC released 5 toys in 1998

1998 Taco Bell Toys[]

Released: Fall 1998

  • Claw To Hand Watch - Clock with 2 hour timer, to signify the two hour limit morph time
  • Andalite Dome Ship Beam Toy - Image changing Flashlight, shaped like an Andalite Dome Ship
  • Yeerk on the Brain - Magnetic Brain Maze- use the magnetic finger provided to move the Yeerk across the brain to solve the maze
  • Animorpher - Mirror Image Changer
  • Animorphing Sphere - Picture Changing Ball

1999 Taco Bell Morphing Action Figures[]

The action figures

Released:September 13, 1999 to October 10, 1999
Four morphing figures were produced as toys for age 3+, the Tobias see-through hawk was produced as the Under-3 toy, so it doesn't morph.

  • Cassie to Anteater
  • Rachel to Fly
  • Jake to Lizard
  • Marco to Hammerhead Shark
  • Tobias See-Through Hawk with Human Morph Inside

Pizza Hut[]

Released: November 9, 1998 to January 4, 1999

Tobias and Yeerk AniStampers


  • Tobias stamper rolls a silhouette of Tobias morphing into a hawk in orange. Stamper flaps its wings as you roll it.
  • Yeerk Stamper rolls <DON'T BE A YEERK> in green while the stamper wiggles its legs.


  • 2 felt pen double markers - Jake (brunette) and Rachel (blonde)

    Jake and Rachel Felt Pen Markers from Pizza Hut

  • The animal head of the marker "encodes" a message in invisible ink, and the human head part of the marker "decodes" the message in dark ink.

Yeerk Pool Ship Squirter[]

  • A rubber ball of the Yeerk Mother Ship
  • This was the Under-3 toy, so it was the only toy not to come with the instruction sheet


The KFC toys

Released: 1998

  • Puzzle Cube - Fold and unfold the puzzle cube to see different images.
  • Animorphing Box - Rub the middle of any of the sides to see Animorphs.
  • Thought Speak Revealer - Read the story line on the card then use the red transparent window to see more.
  • Tobias Hawk Glider - Throw it and it glides.
  • DNA transfer Cards - Rub the card to reveal items - back of the cards is a puzzle

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