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The Animorphs Alliance advertised on the official site,

The Animorphs Alliance was a fan club that fans of the Animorphs book series could join through Scholastic in 1998-1999. The introductory package, at $4.95 consisted of Animorphs bookends, an Animorphs pendant, an Animorphs Alliance secret handbook/secret flipbook, the first Animorphs Alliance Flash newsletter, a poster featuring the faces and a morph each for each of the six main characters, and Books 1-3. For some introductory packs, a paperback edition of The Hork-Bajir Chronicles would be included. After the introductory pack, every month the fan would receive another edition of the Animorphs Flash newsletter, and the next three chronological books in the series. There were a total of 13 newsletters, which featured messages from the characters, interviews with the author, illustrator, and people from the TV show. 


There were 13 total newsletters, which corresponded to 3 books each, in ascending order starting with Book #1. The newsletters had a repeating format, consisting of:

  • Cover that folded to reveal 3 inside articles
  • 1st inside page
    • quotes from this month's books on the first left flap
    • Picture and tagline for this month's books on the first right flap
  • 2nd Inside Page
    • Personal message from one of the characters (alternating among the six so that Jake gave a personal message in issues #1 and #7)
    • Question that readers could answer and write in to Animorphs Alliance PO Box
  • 3rd inside page - Morph(s) of the Month - spotlight one or multiple of the animals morphed by the Animorphs in this month's books
  • Reverse Inside Pages
    • Animorphs Brain Squeezer
    • People, Places, and Faces - Interview with either K.A. Applegate, one of the TV Show Actors, or spotlight on making of the TV show
    • Spotlight on a plot point in one of the books, and how it could be possible in real life (or similar to something in real life)
Flash Issue # Books featured
1 1, 2, 3
2 4, 5, 6
3 7, 8, 9
4 10, 11, 12
5 13, 14, 15
6 16, 17, 18
7 19, 20, 21
8 22, 23, 24
9 25, 26, 27
10 28, 29, 30
11 Megamorphs #1, Megamorphs #2, Megamorphs #3
12 The Andalite Chronicles, Alternamorphs #1, 31
13 32, 33, Meet the Stars of Animorphs


Personal Messages[]

Morphs of the Month[]

People, Places, and Faces[]

Newsletters in PDF[]

Poster and Pendant[]


The bookends are sized to fit the regular-sized paperback animorphs books, and come with four morph tags- Cassie/Butterfly, Marco/Cobra, Jake/jaguar, and Rachel/Bear. For some reason, the fan club was advertised to come with a Tobias/hawk morph tag but it seems that one was not produced.

Animorphs Alliance Handbook/Flipbook[]

This was a small book with two covers - one cover introduced the handbook, which had pages every other page. The other cover introduced the flipbook, where you could skim the pages closest to you to watch Jake, Rachel, and Ax morph.

Animorphs Alliance Handbook[]

(Read full handbook in PDF)

The handbook included the following sections:

  • Accept the Power welcome message
  • The Eight Rules of Animorphs
  • Animorphs Brain Squeezer I
  • Animorphacts: Who We Are - Each of the six main characters, and Elfangor, introduce themselves
  • Animorphs Brain Squeezer II
  • Together We Fight: Who the Enemy Is
  • The Six Rules of the Yeerks
  • Animorphing: The Animal Factor - Facts about various animals instincts and strengths/weaknesses.
  • Animorphs Alliance Glossary

Animorphs Alliance Flipbook[]

On the pages on the same side as the flipbook cover, you can flip through the pages to watch Ax morph mosquito, Jake morph dog, and Rachel morph cat.


The Animorphs Alliance fan club was advertised:


In Australia, the Animorphs Alliance Flash newsletters were also sent out with books and gifts, but two books were sent per newsletter, rather than three, and only numbers books were sent, no Megamorphs or Chronicles. The newsletters had different color covers and starting with newsletter 13, the newsletters were printed on one matte 8.5"x11" paper rather than higher quality glossy paper with distinctive folding. The inside content was mostly the same, but sometimes Animorphs artwork was used to fill up space since the US Flash newsletters ended with #13, while the Australian newsletters went up to at least #19. Supplementary materials likely included postcards with various types of artwork on the front, and 5 lenticular cards showing the morphs on the following book covers: #4, #5, #7, #11, and #13.

Flash Issue # Books featured
1 1
2 2, 3
3 4, 5
4 6, 7
5 8, 9
6 10, 11
7 12, 13
8 14, 15
9 16, 17
10 18, 19
11 20, 21
12 22, 23
13 24, 25
14 26, 27
15 28, 29
16 30, 31
17 32, 33
18 34, 35
19 36, 37

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