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The Animorphs 2000 Calendar was the second and final Animorphs calendar created through Scholastic. It followed the Animorphs 1999 Calendar.

2000 Calendar Back cover

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The Animorphs 2000 Calendar was the second and final Animorphs calendar created through Scholastic. It was scheduled to be released on August 31, 1999 [1] and featured twelve months of art from the Animorphs book series, as well as art from a dinosaur poster created to promote Megamorphs 2. The morph illustrations were done by Animorphs cover artist David Mattingly, and the Animation was designed and executed by Yoshimation.

2000 calendar plastic decoder screen with vertical black lines separated by transparent parts. When moved back and forth horizontally, this screen can be used to make the calendar images "morph".

The cover as well as each image on the calendar were printed with vertical lines so that every other vertical line showed one morph (usually human), and the opposite vertical lines showed another morph (usually an animal).

Animorphs Aliens poster

The calendar included a stiff clear plastic decoder screen which was printed with every other vertical line black, and every other vertical transparent. When you slide the decoder screen over the calendar image, it gives the illusion of the image morphing. There are two vertical slits in each page to put the decoder screen through so you can watch the images "morph."

The calendar also included a small Animorphs Aliens poster, featuring artwork and descriptions from Chronicles cover artist Romas Kukalis of eight alien species found in the Animorphs books.

Editorial Review[]

Every day, week, and month of the year is a countdown to excitement with a host of Animorphs, Yeerks, and other aliens from the best- selling series. This wall calendar is bursting with full-color art by series' cover artist David Mattingly. It includes special effects throughout to create moving images! [2]

Month by Month[]


Jake morphing fly (January)

Jake morphing a fly from the cover of The Capture.


<Don't struggle, Jake> a voice in my head said. <It's pointless.>
What? Who was saying that? What was...?
Then, a laugh only I could hear. <Put that primitive human brain to work, Jake. Jake, the Animorph,> it sneered. <Jake, the servant of the Andalite filth!>
Then I knew. I knew what the voice was. A Yeerk!
A Yeerk in my own head.
I was a Controller.
-Jake, The Capture, pp. 99-100


Rachel morphing Giant Squid (February)

Rachel morphing a giant squid from the cover of The Exposed.


My eyes became huge, circular pools of darkness. I had sunk down into the water, maybe fifty, eighty feet, not counting my arms, which extended farther still...Then, as I slowly tested my arms, as the hundreds of suction cups tensed and released, I felt the squid mind rise up beneath my own...
And I was hungry.
So hungry...
-Rachel, The Exposed, pp. 122-123


Tobias morphing rabbit (March)

Tobias morphing into a rabbit from the cover of The Pretender.


Elfangor. My father...
I'd lost a father. Because of that fact, Elfangor had been where he had to be, when he had to be there, to change the lives of five ordinary kids forever. And the human race.
-Tobias, The Pretender, p. 150


Cassie morphing butterfly (April)

Cassie morphing into a butterfly from the cover of The Departure.


How long had I been this way? What awful agony would my parents have endured? And my friends, did they even know? I tested my wings. Sunlight had dried them. I was what I was. A butterfly. I would live in a world of flowers. I wanted to cry, but my butterfly instincts told me I had work to do. Flowers, loaded with pollen, waited for me to help them live...
-Cassie, The Departure, pp. 149-150


Marco morphing snake (May).

Marco morphing into Spawn the cobra from the cover of The Discovery.


I was a worm with a head.
I've had two legs. I've had four legs. I've had six and eight legs. I've never had zero legs. Zero legs, zero arms.
Fortunately, my lungs were tiny snake lungs and couldn't have forced a sigh up through my human mouth, let alone a scream. I am so going to have nightmares about this, I thought....
-Marco, The Discovery, p. 60


Tobias morphing from hawk to human (June).

Tobias morphing into his human self from the cover of The Change.


I was too insane with terror to figure out what he was saying at first....
<What? What? That's my reward? That's all? You're giving me back my morphing power?>
I screamed. <You liar! You cheat! I wanted to be human!>
-The Ellimist and Tobias, The Change, p. 119


Jake morphing tiger (July)

Jake morphing into a Siberian tiger from the cover of The Attack.


I began to morph, to call on the tiger DNA that swam through my blood. The tiger would be bigger than the Howler. The six of us together in morph can take on anything, I told myself. We can take on anything. The Howler's blue eyes narrowed as we shifted positions. He knew a fight when he saw one coming. But he was fascinated by the morphing. Fascinated and almost jealous, if it's possible to read an expression on a face made of tar with eyes as empty as sky...
-Jake, The Attack, pp. 52-53


Rachel morphing starfish (August).

Rachel morphing into starfish from the cover of The Separation.


Arm, arm, leg, leg. Here was the gross part: my head was morphing to become the fifth leg. It turns out starfish don't exactly have heads. They have a mouth more or less in the middle, a bunch of wiggly little feet that look like suckers, and five big cone-legs.
That's about it for a starfish. A cockroach, by comparison, is a model of sophisticated design....
-Rachel, The Separation, pp. 9-10


Ax morphing cow (September).

Ax morphing into a cow from the cover of The Experiment.


The steer's mind was not docile. Not passive. In fact...I was angry. And with very good reason: There was a bull nearby.
There was also a human, but she did not matter.
I glared at the bull.
He glared at me.
I snorted and pawed the ground....
"Uh-oh," Cassie said....
-Ax and Cassie, The Experiment, pp. 98


Cassie morphing a yeerk (October).

Cassie morphing into Illim the Yeerk from the cover of The Sickness.


This morph...this was the enemy. This was a parasite. This was a slug.
My skin turned slick with a thick coat of mucus. It covered my entire body, oozing from the pores....
And it was over. The transformation complete.
I was a Yeerk....
-Cassie, The Sickness, pp. 98-100


Marco morphing polar bear (November).

Marco morphing into a Nanook the polar bear from the cover of The Extreme.


Now we were feeling pretty good. Better than we had since arriving here in Popsicle World. We the the morph for this place. Like being a tiger in the jungle or a crocodile in a swamp, we owned this place....
I stood nearly ten feet tall, reared up. I weighed maybe fifteen hundred pounds. And if those numbers don't mean anything to you, think about it this way. I was three feet taller than Shaquille O'Neal. I weighed five times as much as him....I was mighty. I was seriously mighty....
-Marco, The Extreme, pp. 128-129


The four human Animorphs morphing dinosaurs, the same artwork as a promotional poster for Megamorphs #2 (December).

All the Animorphs morphing into various dinosaurs from a promotional poster for In the Time of Dinosaurs.


What morph did I have to fight these titans? Nothing. This wasn't my world. I was nothing in this world. All my powerful morphs were nothing in this world....
A final cry of the big dinosaur ended in a gasp and collapsing rattle. The Tyrannosaurus had won. The long-necked dinosaur was done for. Nothing left but for him to drop down on me....
- Megamorphs #2: In the Time of Dinosaurs

Calendar pages[]

With and Without Decoder Screen[]

With the decoder screen lined up with one set of lines, you can see one part of the morph, and lined up with the other side, you can see another side -usually the human part vs. the animal part.


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