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The Animorphs 1999 Calendar was the first calendar published by Scholastic. It was followed by the Animorphs 2000 Calendar.

Animorphs 1999 calendar cover

Publisher Summary[]

A morph a day will keep the Yeerks away! Now Animorphs fans have a chance to check out their favorite Animorphs all year long.--complete with a "Share the Secret" lenticular cover, art from the book covers, and special secret messages from the Animorphs. "Animorphs" was recently named the #1 bestselling series by "Publishers Weekly". Shrink-wrapped.


Both views Animorphs Join Us hologram card from calendar blank bkg

Animorphs hologram card showing both pictures: the Animorphs logo and the phrase <JOIN US>.

This wall calendar had an animorphs image for each of 12 months, one character per month with each human member repeated twice. The last month showed a picture of all five Animorphs and Ax. The first five months showed a large picture of a particular human Animorph and a first-person bio. Starting in June and going until November, each Animorph on a calendar page invited the reader to answer a question about the books, and record a certain letter of the answer. When you put the letters together they give the month of the calendar where you can find an important hidden message.

The calendar came packaged with a lenticular stand ("hologram card") attached via the tabs on the front cover that alternated between the Animorphs logo, and the phrase <Join Us>.

Month by Month[]

Animorphs 1999 calendar january
Animorphs 1999 calendar february rachel
Animorphs 1999 calendar march tobias
Animorphs 1999 calendar april cassie

Animorphs 1999 calendar may marco

Animorphs 1999 calendar june tobias
Animorphs 1999 calendar july jake
Animorphs 1999 calendar august rachel
Animorphs 1999 calendar september ax
Animorphs 1999 calendar october cassie
Animorphs 1999 calendar november marco
Animorphs 1999 calendar december all


Many Animorphs books contained ads for future books, as well as merch such as the transformers action figures, Animorphs Student Planner, and the 1999 calendar. Scholastic also advertised the calendar on their web site using the gif below:

Puzzle and Solution[]

1999 calendar tobias june puzzle intro

The intro to the calendar's puzzle.

In the month of June, Tobias introduces the calendar's puzzle.

"There's a very important message hidden somewhere on the pages of this calendar. And it's information you should definitely have. All you have to do is answer the questions we're about to ask you. Each question is followed by a number. Once you've answered a question, write it down, and using the number following the question, count each letter (left to right) until you get to the specific letter. Write the letter down. Soon you'll know the month where the message is hidden. So good luck and here's your first clue: Who returned my morphing power? (5th letter). Jake'll give you the second question next month. See you in December."
1999 calendar puzzle solution

The answers to the five questions posed by the calendar

There are questions every month from June to October (with Marco reminding you in November to go back and figure out the questions). The calendar gives you the answers to the questions at the very end of the calendar. Each of the letter answers to the questions spell out the month 'March'. In the month of March, you can find the "important message" above Tobias' wing, which is "The newest Animorph cannot be trusted."

1999 calendar newest animorph cannot be trusted

the newest animorph cannot be trusted...

This message is referring to David, the new Animorph introduced in Book 20. The 1999 calendar was probably being produced around the time book 20 was released (in July 1998).


  • The facial closeups on Rachel in February, Marco in May, Jake in July, and Cassie in October are the same as the ones that appear in the inside covers of Megamorphs 2.
  • The three animal images on each calendar page do not necessarily correspond to one morphed by the character the page is focusing on for that month
  • The lobster morph shown in both May and September is a morph that does not show up on any American Animorphs covers. For whatever reason, many international editions of Book 5 The Predator showed Marco morphing lobster, instead of gorilla which is what the American version shows him morphing.
  • The last image of all five Animorphs + Ax in December, does not show up anywhere else in the books (but was seen on the official web site). However, one of the inside covers of The Andalite Chronicles does feature the same picture of Jake, Tobias, and Cassie (but Marco and Rachel are different).
Andalite cover all 5

This photo from the inside cover of the Andalite chronicles, has the same Cassie, Tobias, and Jake photo as seen in the December pictures of this calendar

1999 calendar december closeup all 6

Closeup of all 5 Animorphs + Ax from December. Cassie, Jake, and Tobias are the same but Marco and Rachel are different. Also, the placement of Cassie's hand and Jake's hand are different from one image to another.

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