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Scholastic Entertainment and Picturestart are considering producing a film adaptation of the Animorphs book series.




On December 11th, 2012, it was discovered that Sony Pictures had registered four domain addresses that may or may not allude to their involvement in an Animorphs movie. There is yet to be any official word, however all four domains redirect to Sony Pictures website. The URL's include:[1]

All four domains were renewed in June 2013, which is evidence that Sony may still have some interest.[2]

Universal Rumor[]

Screenshot 2015-09-11-19-12-12-01

Michael Grant's tweet, in which he confirmed the Tracking Board report false.

On September 10 2015, Tracking Board reported that Universal is now searching for a script writer and director to helm the Animorphs movie project. However, this news has since been confirmed false in a tweet by Michael Grant (co-creator of Animorphs). Presumably, the rights are still owned by Sony, not Universal.


Scholastic Entertainment and Picturestart via The Hollywood Reporter announced the creation of an live-action Animorphs film. Caitlin Friedman and Royce Reeves Darby are attached as writers.


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