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Animorphs: Know the Secret was a video game for PC, one of the three Animorphs video games released.

The game was in 3D. It featured puzzles and a turn based system of combat.

Official Story[]

It's summer vacation for you and the Animorphs. Controller activities seem to have slowed down. This only makes you more suspicious: What are the Yeerks up to now? A series of missions turns summer into less of a vacation and more of a battle to know the secret.

You discover that Cassie's parents are meeting with a certain Mr. Foster about a new animal survey being conducted at a nearby mining site. Is this project legitimate or a cover for a new Yeerk plan? You'll need to sneak into Chapman's office to gather information; use your cockroach morphs to follow him to a Yeerk Pool hidden inside a cavern; and fight any Hork-Bajir or Human-Controllers that get in your way as you investigate the enemy area.

You also find out that a new Community Center is opening in town. The director of the center seems to be a nice guy, but he could also be a Human-Controller disguised as a do-gooder. Will the Center become a recruiting center for The Sharing or will the Animorphs be able to turn it into a safe haven? You'll have to case the grounds and even slip into the director's office in mouse morph to search for clues. Watch out: Visser Three is nearby.

Before you can defeat the enemy, you'll need to gather tools and acquire as many morphs as you can. If you are able to stop the Yeerks from succeeding, you just might be able bring this secret war to an end once and for all.


Enemies are lurking everywhere. The Yeerks and their minions are on the prowl looking for Andalite bandits. You'll have to be one step ahead of Visser Three in order to foil his plans for destruction. You should also beware of new faces like Mr. Foster. You're still not sure whose side he's on. Since Yeerks can slither into a human head and take over its brain in a matter of minutes, they can also come in all shapes and sizes. Don't trust anyone. Do your research, find the clues, and be careful at all times. WATCH OUT FOR:

  • Principal Chapman: Sneak into the office of The Sharing 's head recruiter. He's bound to have information you'll need. Make sure he doesn't catch you sneaking around, though!
  • Visser Three : Be on the lookout for the only Yeerk to ever occupy an Andalite body. Remember, he also has the power to morph and he's acquired some really monstrous creatures.
  • Hork-Bajir-Controllers : These formerly peaceful creatures now guard all Yeerk realms, using their blades as weapons. If you see Hork-Bajir, you might be standing right next to a Yeerk Pool.
  • Taxxon-Controllers : Taxxon Controllers are stupid, but vicious. Don't underestimate their battle skills.


You start off in Cassie's Barn and practice your moves in the nearby forest. But, in order to carry out your missions, you and the Animorphs will need to explore different places around town.

Gather information in Chapman's office and search the schoolyard for any additional clues. Follow Chapman to the Yeerk Pool, but beware of Hork-Bajir guards...or worse...Visser Three!

You might want to investigate the Community Center and the Gorgonsopid dig site as well. Make sure Mr. Foster doesn't see you sneaking around his office, though. Before you can defeat the Yeerks, you'll have to make your way through 9 different environments--each one harder than the next. Unfortunately, you have no other choice. The fate of the planet is in your hands.

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