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Anibase instructions screenshot

Anibase setup you will see when you first open the application, explaining how you can sort and view information.

The Anibase is a database of information about all the Animorphs books, including the numbered books 1-54, all four Megamorphs and all four Chronicles. The database was compiled by K. A. Applegate and is found on the Scholastic Animorphs web page. It contains all the information about each book, and some behind-the-scenes information on each book.


For each book, there are eight categories you can click on to see information for each book:

  • Vital Stats (title, picture, pages, release date, and cover art)
  • Who Narrates (including name, picture , and bio and that time period)
  • What's the Story (a summary of the book which is different from the back cover summary)
  • New Morphs (for the main six Animorphs as well as any other morph-capable individual)
  • New Characters
  • New Aliens
  • New Words
  • Who Knew? (This is a trivia section that often includes K.A.'s commentary on the writing of that book.)


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