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Listing of all known words in the Andalite language

This article is written from a Real World point of view.


Word/Term Meaning
The Abomination What the Andalites call Visser Three because he is the only Andalite-Controller. It was Elfangor who gave him that name, for it was he who accidentally made the infestation possible.
Aristh The lowest rank in the Andalite military, equivalent to a cadet.[1]
Derrishoul A type of tree resembling an asparagus spear that grows straight and tall.[2]
Elupera A place on the Andalite homeworld with rocky outcrops marked with ancient writing. It seems to be a historical site visited by young warriors so they can see the messages for themselves.
Enos ermarf A type of landscape description involving the way a lake curves forward as it is framed by trees.[2]
Escafil device The blue morphing cube that gives a person the power to morph. It goes by other names, but is more commonly known as the Escafil device, named after the Andalite scientist Escafil, who helped create the morphing technology.[3]
Estreen A person who has a natural instinct for morphing and can use it artistically. Morphing shows are popular among Andalites.[4]
Flaar An animal from the Andalite homeworld that smells similar to a human.[5]
Fleer A piece of Andalite technology.[6]
Gairtmof An Andalite switch.[6]
Garibah A sentient "Guide Tree" found on the Andalite homeworld. Elfangor named his Guide Tree Hala Fala.
Gelasic A quality of grass.
Hald-wurra An Andalite fighting move. It's also Old Andalite for "victory in three swipes."
Hereth Burping. Also the closest translation for "vomiting" or "spitting", which Andalites are incapable of. [7]
Hereth illint Roughly translated as "burping DNA". Hereth illint is a process which happens if a morpher is allergic to a certain genetic pattern. It involves the morpher expelling the offensive DNA pattern while retaining their own body- the excess matter is drawn from Z-space, and the offending DNA is made into a whole new creature. [8]
Hirac delest An Andalite's last words/last thoughts.
illint DNA [9]
Illsipar Root A species of plant which can be consumed to ease the pain of Soola's Disease. Also a delicacy.
-kala Andalite suffix attached to a first name indicating affection, usually on children of a parent.
Onkalillium An organic Andalite medicine.
Notallssith The condition of being unable to control a morph
Nothlit A person who stayed in a morph passed the two-hour time limit and is trapped in that morph forever.[10]
Ramonite A strong, flexible material which can not be found on Earth, probably Andalite in origin. It can be formed into a perfect curve, like an egg-shaped to hold captives, for example, so they can't break down a wall; there are none.
Shorm Tail blade. Contemporary meaning: A close friend you never lie to and knows all your secrets. Someone you trust completely, in that they could hold their tail blade to your throat and you would never worry.[11]
Shormitor Ancient tail blade carvings.
Torf An Andalite fighting move. It involves using the flatside of the tail blade to apply force without real injury and knocks the opponent out.
Unschweet A sort of Andalite "haircut" as it were. In the ritual of Unschweet, a reprimanded Andalite is shorn of his hair so that every day he will be reminded of his shame. Each day the hair gradually grows back and with it, so grows back the Andalite's sense of dignity. Lesson learned.
Utzum A spiritual rite from Andalite legend, in which certain people with strange powers could pass memories through DNA. These memories would be triggered by imminent death to provide strength in their last moments of departure.
Vecol A disabled Andalite who can not regenerate a part of their body they lost because of a morphing allergy and is treated as an outcast and lives in isolation to retain their dignity.
Yaolin An Andalite curse word.


  • Curiously, even though the Andalites are a telepathic species who have no need for normal speech, they have unique words and terms. It could probably be seen as a decision on the author to make the Andalites seem more alien. Alternatively, these could represent words that have no accurate English analogue.


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