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"I like your planet, from what I've seen of it. It's like Earth, only without the houses and buildings."
Loren to Elfangor[src]

The Andalite homeworld is the home planet of the Andalites, located 82 light years away from Earth.


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A serene world in the outer arms of our own Milky Way galaxy about 82 light years from Earth.[1] The planet is simply called "the Andalite homeworld,"

The number of suns is not specified, but it seems to be more than one, as the Andalite suns are mentioned as plural. It has been specified that the planet has four moons, and its sky is colored red and gold.

While the Andalite homeworld does not boast the sheer number and variety of organisms that Earth does, it has many interesting plant and animal species. The kafit bird, for example, is one of the only three bird species on the entire world. It is a predatory bird, with twelve wings and a long, sharp beak. It uses its spear-like beak and maneuverability to spear its prey.

The world has grass in shades of green, blue, and even a bit of red. Some species of old growth tree on the planet, called Garibah, or Guide Trees, can use very limited telepathy, though this is usually limited to acknowledgement of another's presence; it is extremely rare and difficult for a Garibah to form a single word.

The cities of the planet are described as nonexistent. The population is spread out across the entire globe and not bunched up into cities. Ax had said in one book that there is a somewhat greater population density around three large spaceports.



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