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"First of all, it wasn't all that big. It was about as long as a school bus. The front end was a pod, shaped almost like an egg. Extending from the back of the pod was a long, narrow shaft. There were two crooked, stubby winglike things, and on the end of each wing was a long tube that glowed bright blue on the back end. The little spaceship looked almost cute. You know, kind of harmless. Except that it had a sort of tail — a mean-looking tail that curved up and forward, corning to a point that looked as sharp as a needle."

An Andalite fighter is a standard combat spacecraft for Andalites in the military.


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An Andalite fighter is as large as a school bus. The front end is an egg-shaped pod, housing the craft's cockpit as well as a door to the outside. Extending from the back of the pod is a long, narrow shaft with two crooked, stubby wings. On the end of each wing is a long, cylindrical thruster which glows bright blue on its rear end.[1] At maximum burn, the main thrusters on a model 14 fighter can accelerate to one-tenth light-speed in three seconds, generating enough force to cut off the bridge of a Blade ship.[2] However, a fighter's engines can be nearly imperceptible at their lowest setting. There are also smaller thrusters used for maneuvering. [3]

The rear of the fighter's fuselage has an arched protrusion, resembling a raised Andalite's tail, which curves upwards and forward. The 'tail' comes to a point as sharp as a needle, and is where the fighter's main offensive weapon, the Shredder gun, is located.[4][5] The tail of the fighter is also equipped with mini Shredder beams and can carry mines. The fighter is also equipped with a tractor beam.[6]

The inside of a fighter is a light creamy color, with smooth-edged and/or oval-shaped equipment and architecture. The cockpit has few buttons, and is mainly controlled via thought-speak. Some functions, such as viewport transparency and engine regulation, could be controlled by touchscreens.[7]

At the time of The Andalite Chronicles, Andalite fighters were available in several models. These include new model-22 fighters, and older two-person model-14 fighters which had faster acceleration.[8]




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