"The Andalites have at long last become fully aware of the situation on Earth. They are assembling a massive fleet in orbit around their home world. It will be ready to launch within months. Target: Uncertain."
"Not Earth?"
"Earth. Or, the Anati world. It will depend on which they decide is more important."
Garoff and Esplin 9466[src]

The Anati homeworld is the home planet of the Anati.


Yeerk Task ForceEdit

"I could only imagine what was happening among the Thirteen. Maybe they were dealing with some entirely unrelated matter. Perhaps the strange disappearance of the task force that had been sent to investigate the Anati planet."
Edriss 562[src]

Visser One's ReassignmentEdit

"Visser One, we wish the Andalites to attack us in the Anati system. But not immediately. The planet in question is ringed by numerous moons and large asteroids that will allow us to place Dracon cannon. Cannon are easier to come by than ships."
"I... I don’t understand. Do you... are you ordering me..."
"You are too valuable to dispose of just yet. You remain the most successful military officer in the Empire, despite your illegal and troubling methods. You are ordered to proceed immediately to the Anati system and take over the subjugation of her sentient race or races, and prepare to resist an Andalite attack. Succeed, and you will live."
Garoff and Edriss 562[src]

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