Four of the Annco hats (front view)

American Needle, also known as Annco, produced at least seven Animorphs Baseball Caps in 1998. These were only produced in kids/youth size. They have the following designs:

  • A black hat with 3d 'A" logo
  • A black hat with 2d black and white 'A' logo, and a human handprint "morphing" to an animal pawprint. Has the world 'Animorphs' on the back. For the other three hats, the back has no text or image.
  • A black hat with half tiger eye/ half human (Jake) eye, with the word 'Animorphs' underneath
  • A black hat with the word 'Animorphs' surrounded by a patterned oval
  • A red hat with one of the half Jake/half tiger promo images, and the 'A' logo on the side of the image
  • A white hat, with a brown brim, with the 'A' logo in black and white, with a green patterned background, and the word 'Animorphs' on the side of the hat.
  • A forest green hat with the word 'Animorphs' across the front, also in green, and a small 'A' logo on top of the word Animorphs.
  • A red hat with an image that is half Jake's face, half a tiger face.

Front View[]

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