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Jake traversing the Amazon in jaguar morph.

"A million species of life filled the forest around us. Forms of life stranger than anything that had come from outer space. Incredible, insane, brilliant life, all fighting to stay alive, all working to grab one little piece of the rain forest."

The Amazon rainforest, also known as the Amazon jungle or the Brazilian rainforest, is a vast, biodiverse tropical rainforest, and comprises over half of Earth's remaining rainforests. The rainforest is featured in The Forgotten.


Sario Rip

"So let me just summarize here. We are probably in the Amazon rain forest. And we are either in our own past, or in our own future."
Jake to the other Animorphs[src]
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Possible Taxxon Home

"The Taxxons could be rain forest natives. Although, even by rain forest standards, they would have been huge."

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Taxxon Refuge

"Arbron's Taxxons — those that had survived the battle — had fulfilled another of Cassie's farseeing dreams: They had, as agreed, permanently morphed to anaconda and various other way-too-big snakes. They'd been relocated to the Brazilian rain forest, which was now protected by Brazilian law and hefty U.N. payments. If you were a guinea pig walking around the rain forest now you were toast, but the former Taxxons left people alone."

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