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"Allison Kim was different than Jenny Lines. She was not a drug addict. She was not stupid. She was a scientist. Oh, I know, the idea of human science is almost laughable, but she had the disciplined habits of mind, and the imagination to... She was more similar to the human Lowenstein than to Jenny Lines or the hapless soldier."
Edriss 562[src]

Allison Kim was the third human host used by Edriss 562 and the sixth human to ever be infested by a Yeerk. Becoming Edriss' favorable host, Edriss and Allison formed a partnership, falling in love with Hildy Gervais and his Yeerk, Essam 293, causing the four to become married and create two children – Darwin and Madra. After Edriss wished to kill her in order to take a new host, she was freed by Essam as they absconded with their children. However, Edriss pursued them and killed Allison.


Infested by Edriss 562

"I punched her hard in the stomach, forcing the air out of her lungs. I punched her in the side of the head, stunning her. I held her head close and kicked my way down to the bottom of the pool. [...] I reached to her across a gap of sun-warmed water. Entered her ear. Pushed with expert ease down through her ear canal. Around the bones and through the membranes till I touched her mind. All I needed was contact with her motor functions. I found them quickly enough. Tapped into her arm and leg controls."
Edriss 562[src]

Essam 293, controlling a television producer named Lowenstein, hosted a studio party at Lowenstein's house. During the party, Edriss 562, as Jenny Lines, met Allison Kim, a technical consultant, and desired to have Allison as her new host. As Jenny was younger and faster, Edriss grabbed Allison, who was in the pool, and dragged her under the water. Near the bottom of the pool, Edriss restrained Allison and transferred herself slowly, spreading herself thin. After making contact with Allison, she relinquished her control over Jenny, although not before forcing Jenny to breathe underwater. Edriss then completed her infestation with Allison and waited a few moments to ensure Jenny's death before dragging Jenny's body to the surface to stage a failed resuscitation.

Despite resisting her infestation, Allison, desperate to learn and gain knowledge, pressed Edriss for questions on Yeerk science and technology. In order to play a game and challenge Allison, Edriss once allowed Allison control over her left eye. However, during a drive on the highway, Allison shut the eye, nearly causing Edriss to crash and kill the two.[1]

Family Life

"The children must survive, Edriss. You know that. You feel that. I know you do. You've come so far, learned so much. You know that the children, my children, and yes, your children, Edriss, they're what it's all about."
"They will live."
"One thing we swear, the four of us, the children will survive."
―Allison Kim, Edriss 562 and Essam 293[src]

Over time, Allison formed a friendly relationship with Edriss 562, becoming romantically attracted to Essam 293's host Hildy Gervais, who was attracted to her as well; in addition, Edriss began to develop feelings for Essam as well. Using the money taken from Lowenstein's accounts, Allison, through Edriss, lived a lavish lifestyle with candlelit dinners, where the four of them went on dates. Edriss and Essam eventually fell in love and the four got married, shortly after which they decided to have children. Allison/Edriss soon gave birth to twins – a son named Darwin and a daughter named Madra.[1]


"As soon as I could get free, I went after Allison. She was gone. The twins were still there. Allison had no choice but to leave them, of course. She was afraid I'd kill her, or infest her again. I knew she would come back for the children. I relied on it. She was very clever. She came back disguised as a doctor. A wig, colored contact lenses, so on. But I knew her too well. I killed her."
Edriss 562[src]

Edriss 562 and Essam 293 faced a crisis when their scout ship's onboard Kandrona begin to fail. Edriss then contacted the Yeerk Empire, outlining her plan for the invasion of Earth and the creation of The Sharing, and received a new Kandrona generator. Edriss then informed Essam that they would have to kill Allison and Hildy Gervais, notifying her husband that they would adopt their children using their new host bodies. Essam refused to kill Allison or Hildy, prompting Edriss to retrieve a Dracon beam and threaten to kill the children as well, reminding Essam that they were Yeerks and that she desired to become a full visser. Eager to protect her children, Allison resisted Edriss's control long enough for Essam to overpower her. Essam then forced Edriss to free Allison, placing Edriss within her alternate host, Lore David Altman, while Essam/Hildy fled with Allison and the children.

However, the children developed a fever, prompting Essam and Allison to bring them to a hospital. Edriss managed to locate her children's name on a hospital database and made her way there, where she encountered a dying Essam, starving from lack of Kandrona rays. As Essam began to flee from Hildy's body, Edriss prematurely pulled him out, ripping his body in two and causing the latter half to become fuse with Hildy's brain, rendering Hildy psychotic and causing him to attack Edriss/Lore. Allison, who had witnessed the event, then fled the hospital, returning in a disguise. However, Edriss had foreseen her actions and killed her when she arrived. With Allison dead, Edriss left her children at the hospital, causing the twins to be declared abandoned and thereby put up for adoption.[1]