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Aftran 942
Biographical information

Yeerk (formerly)
Humpback Whale


Unnamed Gedd
Unnamed Hork-Bajir




Estril 731 (pool-brother)


Visser Three's Bodyguard (formerly)


Yeerk Empire (formerly; defected)
Yeerk Peace Movement

Behind the scenes
First appearance

The Departure

Last appearance

The Sickness
The Sacrifice (mentioned)


Became a nothlit

"Aftran is the Yeerk who made me think about Yeerks in a different way. Aftran made me realize that Yeerks are individuals, no two alike. She forced me to accept that all Yeerks are not our enemies."

Aftran 942 was a Yeerk who infested Cassie and was later granted the morphing power, choosing to become trapped as a humpback whale rather than to die of Kandrona starvation.


Visser Three's Personal Guard

"You've heard of him?"
"Part of the time I was a Hork-Bajir I was in Visser Three's personal guard. The Visser was obsessed with Elfangor. Something personal between the two of them. I don't know what. But he hated Elfangor."
―Aftran and Cassie[src]

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Meeting Cassie

"There are those of us who wish it could be another way. That there was some middle choice between being slugs beneath the Andalite hooves, and being... and being..."
"Slave masters?"
"What would you do, Cassie? What would you do, if you were one of us? Would you live your life as a blind, helpless slug?"
―Aftran and Cassie[src]

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Rescued by Cassie

"I snatched at Aftran. The Visser closed his fist. But Andalite hands are weak. I bit his wrist. Aftran dropped. I snatched her out of midair and ran. Ran with nowhere to run. I did the only thing I could do. I dove back into the Yeerk pool."

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A New Body

"On Aftran's second day out of the Yeerk pool, everyone in the group was well enough for a short meeting. We all agreed that we couldn't let Aftran die. It was Jake who thought of the way to save her. He suggested that we give her the power to morph, on the condition that she choose one morph and stay in it forever. It was just safer that way. For everyone."

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"Aftran had sacrificed so much. She had experienced all the richness and wonder of our world. But when she decided she did not have the right to control another, she had been strong enough to give it up to save a little girl's life. She returned to the Yeerk pool. It must have felt like the worst kind of prison to her after being in Karen's body. But she didn't allow herself to wallow in despair. She chose to fight. She battled to free us all."

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Aftran's Morphs

Morph Book Morphed In
Osprey (through Cassie's body) The Departure
Humpback Whale The Sickness