Rachel (African Elephant Morph)

Rachel morphing an African elephant.

"You would not think, to look at an elephant, that it can even run at all. But believe me, an elephant can move out when it needs to. Elephants can go twenty-five miles an hour, faster than the fastest human runner. But there is a problem with elephants, too. They are huge. Too huge to dodge and twist. Too huge to hide."

The African elephant is Earth's largest land mammal and a morph possessed by Rachel, Tobias, Cassie, Ax and Judy, with Rachel and Judy using it as battle morphs.


"First stop, The Gardens. I was all set on morphs. But Tobias, Cassie, Ax, and Marco needed something new for their night's work."

Rachel acquired an African bull elephant in The Invasion, making it the very first animal she acquired as well as her first morph in the series. Tobias, Cassie and Ax also acquire African elephants in The Solution, with Marco opting to use a rhinoceros morph instead. Judy, one of the Auxiliary Animorphs, acquires this morph in The Ultimate.


Mm3 inner 2 final

Rachel in her elephant morph.

"We needed raw power. Truck-style power. [...] I was going into battle. Which weapon should I use? I liked the bear because it was so utterly powerful and destructive. But in this case, the elephant morph was the proper weapon."

The African elephant was Rachel's main battle morph for the first few books. In The Stranger, Rachel gets a grizzly bear morph which becomes her main battle morph, at which point the elephant is demoted as her secondary battle morph. Tobias, Ax and Cassie used African elephant morphs during the attack on the Marriott Resort in The Solution. Judy, one of the Auxiliary Animorphs, also used the elephant as her battle morph.


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