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Buffalo book 39 morph

The Buffa-Human

"There, looming in front of me, with its huge, broad head held low and its massive, curved horns, stood almost a ton of solid, muscled African Cape buffalo. Aka the widow-maker."

The African Cape buffalo, also known as African buffalo or Cape buffalo, is a large bovine native to Earth. Owing to its unpredictable nature, which makes it highly dangerous to humans, the African buffalo has never been domesticated. Cassie acquired and morphed Buffa-Human, an African buffalo who gained the power to morph, in The Hidden.


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The Buffa-Human was an African Cape buffalo that received the power to morph.


Animorphs 39 The Hidden inside cover only

Cassie in African Cape buffalo morph after acquiring it.

"The buffalo stumbled forward, past me, to the ends of the remaining ropes. Trembling, I laid my hand on the buffalo's thick hide, right at its midsection, and began to acquire it. The buffalo gave one last thrash, then went into a kind of dreamy, semi-trancelike state. It happens to most animals when we acquire their DNA. Most, but not all."

Cassie acquired an African cape buffalo in The Hidden. Sometime after The Ultimate, one of Tom's Yeerk's followers acquired this morph as well.


Used by Cassie

"I stripped down to my morphing outfit. Jammed my clothes out of sight behind one of the truck's wide, wooden slats. Laid the blue box on the floor of the truck and focused on the Cape buffalo's DNA."

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Used by a Yeerk

"The buffalo backed up and came at me again, the wide, thick horns like a battering ram. But the beast's hooves were designed for dirt and grass, not the slippery floor. He didn't fall but he lost a lot of speed and momentum. He hit me in my exposed belly. It would have killed me if he'd been up to speed. Even so it crushed the last ounce of air from my lungs. I felt like someone had dropped a house on me."

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Known Morphers