Inside cover of Book 22, showing Rachel in rat morph at the construction site.

"It was a big area, surrounded on two sides by trees, with the highway separating it from the mall area. There's a broad, open field between the construction site and the nearest houses. It's a very isolated place. Originally it was supposed to be this new shopping center. Now it was just all these half-finished buildings looking like a ghost town. There were huge piles of rusted steel beams; pyramids of giant concrete pipes; little mountains of dirt; deep pits that had filled up with black, muddy water; and a creaking, rusted construction crane that I had climbed once while Marco stayed below and told me I was being an idiot. It was a totally deserted place, full of shadows and sounds that made the hair on the back of your neck stand up."

The Abandoned Construction Site is an important location in the Animorphs' home town. It was originally intended to be a new shopping center, but was abandoned and left unfinished. Teens, including the Animorphs, often cut through the site on the way home from the mall, because it's a shorter distance than walking the long way.

Elfangor's Visits[]

"We walked along the boulevard that goes by the construction site. It's this huge area of half-finished buildings with rusted earthmovers and cranes and backhoes scattered around. I guess it was originally going to be a shopping center, but for some reason they never finished it. We didn't take the shortcut through the construction site, like we would have in the old days, though. See, it was at this construction site that we saw the Andalite prince's damaged fighter land. It was here that the Andalite warned us of the Yeerk conspiracy and gave us our special powers."

Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul first visited the abandoned construction site (or what would become the construction site) in order to bury the Time Matrix, and thereby keep it out of the hands of the Yeerks. After doing this, he goes into a self-imposed exile on Earth. Many years later, after rejoining the Andalite-Yeerk War due to the Ellimist's interference, his fighter was shot down while in Earth orbit. Elfangor returned to the location of the Time Matrix, intending to use it to save Earth from the Yeerk threat, only to find that the previously forested location had become a construction site and that the Time Matrix was inaccessible.[1]

Five human children watch Elfangor's fighter land.

A group of human children, walking through the construction site on their way home, see Elfangor's fighter crash, and approach him. As the Yeerks approach the construction site, Elfangor gives the children the power to morph via his Escafil device, but was killed by Visser Three after the Yeerks land. The Yeerks destroy Elfangor's fighter, leaving no trace that anything unusual had happened, and the human children, who would come to call themselves the Animorphs[2], escape.

Animorphs return to the construction site[]

In The Visitor, the Animorphs went to the construction site in order to save Rachel, who had been captured by Chapman and taken to Visser Three, whose Blade ship had landed at the site. They were able to rescue Rachel and escape the construction site once more.[3] Much later, David, a student at the Animorph's school, finds the Escafil Device at the Construction site.[4] When David becomes traitorous, the Animorphs return to the construction site to trap him in the form of a rat. They were able to lure him there by claiming that they had hidden the device there; trapping him in the various pipes in the area, they were able to lure him into a box and keep him contained until he was trapped in his morph.[5]

The Invasion Game (Board Game)[]

The construction site is featured as a card in Animorphs:The Invasion Game

The Abandoned Construction Site is one of 12 locations to have a location card in this board game.