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"It was a big area, surrounded on two sides by trees, with the highway separating it from the mall area. There's a broad, open field between the construction site and the nearest houses. It's a very isolated place. Originally it was supposed to be this new shopping center. Now it was just all these half-finished buildings looking like a ghost town. [...] It was a totally deserted place, full of shadows and sounds that made the hair on the back of your neck stand up."

The Abandoned Construction Site was originally intended to be a shopping center, but was abandoned and left unfinished. It was the location where the Time Matrix and Escafil Device were hidden, where the Animorphs received their power and where Elfangor was killed.


Burying the Time Matrix[]

"The Time Matrix was a sphere, taller than a human. Destroying it was physically impossible. But it could be hidden. For a while, at least. He found an empty place. Nothing but trees. Using only the equipment available to any human, he dug a hole and rolled the device into it. [...] Many years later, he returned to the same spot. Desperate enough to try to use the Time Matrix. The spot had become a construction site."

After arriving in California[2] in 1976, an Andalite named Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul went to a forest where he buried the Time Matrix, a space-and-time machine.[3] By the 1990s, this burial site had become a construction site where a shopping center was to be built.[4]

Elfangor's Crash[]

"It's this huge area of half-finished buildings with rusted earthmovers and cranes and backhoes scattered around. I guess it was originally going to be a shopping center, but for some reason they never finished it. We didn't take the shortcut through the construction site, like we would have in the old days, though. See, it was at this construction site that we saw the Andalite prince's damaged fighter land. It was here that the Andalite warned us of the Yeerk conspiracy and gave us our special powers."

By 1997,[5] the site became abandoned, as the plans for the shopping center fell through. The abandoned construction site became a place where homeless people and delinquents frequented. The construction site was also used as a shortcut by many people. During the daytime, Jake and Marco visited the site to explore, with Jake even climbing a rusted construction crane despite Jake's parents threatening to ground him for years if he were to enter the site.[4] One Friday night, Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul flew his fighter to the site where he had buried the Time Matrix, intending to use it. However, Elfangor was surprised to find out it was now a construction site, with the Time Matrix now buried under a half-finished building.[3]

Jake and Marco, along Rachel, Tobias and Cassie, walked through the construction site that night, where they witnessed Elfangor's crash landing. Elfangor informed them about the truth of the Yeerks' secret invasion of Earth before using the Escafil Device to give them the power to morph. As Visser Three and the Yeerks from orbit descended onto the site, the five human teenagers hid as Elfangor's ship was destroyed.[4] The force of the ship's explosion propelled the Escafil Device into one of the walls of the construction site.[6]

After witnessing Elfangor being eaten alive by Visser Three, the five humans ran, catching the attention of a Hork-Bajir-Controller and causing the Yeerks to pursue them. As the five fled, Jake ended up leading his pursuer towards a homeless man who was living in one of the buildings, and used the man's death as a distraction to successfully escape from the construction site.

Many of the residents who resided near the construction site called the police to inform them that they had seen spaceships landing along with explosions, although the police and media, which had been infiltrated by the Yeerks, officially declared that the police investigation concluded that there were no spaceships and that the explosions were merely children playing with fireworks. The Yeerks then opened an investigation to find the teenagers whom they had been chasing,[4] but they abandoned their hunt after the Andalite bandits made their presence known.[7]


Blade Ship Bug fighters GN2

Iniss 226 at the construction site as the Blade ship and two Bug fighters arrive

"Chapman carried the cage into the construction site. I could see the ground go by beneath me. I could see through the bars all the half-built cinderblock buildings. I could see the very spot where the five of us had cowered in terror while Visser Three had morphed into a monster and swallowed the Andalite prince. The Andalite's last despairing cry came back to me. He had lost his fight. Now I was losing mine."

A little over a week later, the Animorphs walked by the construction site on their walk home. Tobias, who had been flying above them, descended onto the site and landed on the spot where Elfangor died to pay his respects. A few days later, when Rachel had been caught while in cat morph inside the Chapman Residence, Visser Three ordered Iniss 226, the Yeerk who controlled Chapman, to bring her to the construction site. As Iniss drove to the site, Visser Three arrived in his Blade ship, escorted by two Bug fighters, and the three crafts landed on the site. Jake then attacked the Visser using his tiger morph while Rachel managed to free herself. While Jake was quick enough to avoid the Visser's tail blade and outrun the Hork-Bajir-Controllers, Rachel was not. Visser Three then morphed into an Unnamed Three-Legged Rock Beast and began ripping up the cement and concrete on the ground. Tobias then snatched Rachel up and flew away to the woods that bordered the construction site. Enraged at the Animorphs escaping, Visser Three rampaged around the site in his morph, crushing Taxxons under his feet while tossing the Hork-Bajir-Controllers who were in his path into the air.[7]

David's Discovery[]

"I led the way to the construction site. The construction site where everything had begun so long ago. Where Elfangor had given us our powers. It was also the place where David had found the blue box."

Much later, David, a student at the Animorph's school, finds the Escafil Device at the Construction site.[6] When David becomes traitorous, the Animorphs return to the construction site to trap him in the form of a rat. They were able to lure him there by claiming that they had hidden the device there; trapping him in the various pipes in the area, they were able to lure him into a box and keep him contained until he was trapped in his morph.[8]

Time Matrix Discovery[]

"Visser Four was right: Elfangor had chosen the spot deliberately. It was no coincidence that he had landed, had died, within a few feet of this machine."

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Elfangor eye closeup andalite chron "Someone took a picture of me? Not cool. Do you see what I'm wearing? I'm Spandex-boy. Totally not cool."

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